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This is a really good question, to which I’m sure you already know the answer, but have you ever wondered exactly why chain stores seem to be able to offer such seemingly cheap glasses?


Let’s ignore the fact that often the advertised price isn’t actually what you end up paying; there is always the “would you like fries with that” add-on. Let’s talk about precisely what you are getting when you buy a premium pair of lenses and a quality frame (and what you get when you don’t).

A great example came this week from one of our patients who I had called to see how she was getting along with her new sunglasses (difference point 1 – we care. We actually call you and ask). We had just replaced the frame free of charge as we were not happy with how it had worn, even though they were two years old (difference point 2 – we only deal with premium suppliers who offer us amazing service). This patient has been coming to our Pennant Hills practice for as long as I have worked here – over 25 years – and she said to me, “this is exactly why I tell my friends they should get their glasses from you and not from…(insert any optical chain store name that comes to mind)!”

Another reason to choose an independent practitioner over a chain store is we have frames for every budget (yes, we really do) and we will never compromise on the perfect lens choice to meet your requirements. We have no stipulations or limitations to what we can choose for you (difference point 3), we have no sales targets for a certain brand and we have no incentives to sell one product over another. We are not limited to what we are allowed to buy, we don’t buy mass-produced frames or factory lenses in bulk and we are not restricted to an eye testing time of 8 minutes.

We are truly independent in every way. So if your visual requirements or prescription demand custom-made lenses, there is nothing to stop us giving you exactly what’s right for you and finding a frame that will allow those lenses to work optimally for you – the world is our oyster!

Now, you might think, “I really only need basic glasses to read”, but without knowing what is available, how can you make that decision? Herein lies another difference, we are qualified and have the experience to give you all the options available (difference point 4) to make your daily life and vision better with better choices.

So what do we give you when you come in and see us, and why aren’t all glasses created equal? We give you our time and knowledge and our qualified experience. We give you a surety that together we will find a frame that not only fits correctly, but will also allow your lenses to be 100% effective. We provide lenses that have been designed using the latest digitally designed technology from Europe along with the best coatings and treatments available today. We give you products that can’t be found everywhere. We might give you a hug we’re so pleased to see you, often a tea or a coffee, and we may even spoil you with a gift when you collect your brand new custom-made spectacles.

Why do we do this? Please see difference point 1!

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