We provide tailored business solutions for our clients. The process is simple, we start with a strategy call to understand your business goals and to identified problems associated with achieving those goals. Following our strategy meeting, we’ll provide you a no-obligation, detailed strategic proposal and implementation roadmap to achieve your goals. You get to make an informed decision every step of the way!

Some clients already know what they want and need from a management consultant. For those clients, we provide a range of consulting packages we can commence immediately. Check out our packages below.

The Consulting Package

$3,500 /month

We consult and work side by side with you to create the perfect strategy to improve your business or brand.

Our Management Consultants apply their extensive knowledge to build an effective implementation plan for your business.

Business Licensing Package

$5,500 /month

Licensing has all the hallmarks of franchising without the regulative requirements and the cost of establishment.

We’ll design a bespoke licensing strategy for your business and we’ll take the lead to build and implement all the systems required.

Feasibility Studies Package

$2,800 /month

Take the guess work out of your business plan. Reduce risk and and maximise business efficiencies.

Our consultants perform detailed analysis of your plans and provide financial, human and systems feasibility reports.

The Business Plan

$7,500 /from

We’ll work with you to create a detailed, step-by-step business plan to grow your business.

We’ll identify risks and problems and provide sound strategy to minimise risk and provide effective solutions.

The Marketing Plan

$3,500 /from

You can’t sell a secret!

Our team will design a holistic marketing strategy and content implementation plan to boost the visibility of your business and brand.

Primary Research Package

$5,500 /from

Extensive research will assist you in making informed business decisions.

Primary research goes directly to the source, asking questions to gather data. Using surveys, questionnaires, focus groups etc.

Secondary Research Package

$2,250 /from

Supplement primary data research with relevant secondary data.

We’ll source relevant published documents and reports to gather the information required to for you to make informed business decisions.

Business Branding


  • Complete brand identity development, including brand voice, values and personality.
  • This includes all our design services.
  • Logo
  • Colour Palettes
  • Typography
  • Stationary
  • Merchandise
  • Sales and Marketing Visual Collateral
  • Website Images and Visual Collateral
  • External & Internal Signage Collateral
  • Social Media Templates
  • Business Narrative Development
  • Business Tagline/Slogan development
  • Social Media Biographies
  • Trademark preparation and lodging
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 100% satisfaction

Logo Design

$797 /each

  • Logo only creation or refresh for your brand or product.
  • We will design 3 concepts
  • 100% satisfaction

Stationery Package


  • Using the client’s existing branding we will create:
  • Business cards (3 concepts)
  • Letterheads (3 concepts)
  • Email signatures (Html / png) (three in total)
  • 100% satisfaction


$797 /each

  • We’ll give your merchandise a premium design edge to make it attractive to the market
  • Price per each merchandise product
  • 3 rounds of base design concepts
  • Merchandise mock-ups
  • Print ready artwork
  • 100% satisfaction



  • Typography is an important design element which amplifies the visual tone of the brand
  • 3 rounds of curated typography concepts
  • Mock-ups of application
  • Typography files
  • 100% satisfaction

Entry Level Website

$12,950 /from

  • Website Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Up to five (5) pages
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Text
  • Menu Design
  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Relevant CTAs
  • Blog
  • Forms
  • On-page SEO
  • Basic Analytics
  • Design, Build & Test
  • 100% Satisfaction

Interactive Website

$24,950 /from

  • Entry Level Website Elements, PLUS:
  • Up to ten (10) pages
  • Custom Code
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Integrated Live Agent
  • Integrated Help Desk (Knowledge Base content not included and quoted separately)
  • Integrated CRM
  • Integrated Appointment/Resource Calendar
  • Integrated Email Autoresponders
  • Integrated User Data Collection
  • Integrated Campaign Workflows (Campaign Design and copy text not included and quoted separately)
  • Customised Process Workflows
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Admin User Licence ($120 p/m) additional

eCommerce Website

$38,950 /from

  • Interactive Website Elements, PLUS:
  • Custom Designed Website
  • Design Platforms Include WordPress, Drupal, Zoho, Etc
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Integrated Stock Control
  • Integrated Shipping
  • Integrated Multi Site Warehousing
  • Integrated Multi Currency
  • Integrated Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Unlimited Products
  • Advanced Product Filtering
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Abandon Cart Workflows and up to 10 Email Autoresponders
  • Does Not Include Product Setup, Graphics or Copy Text
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Admin User Licence ($160 p/m) additional

Landing Pages

$897 /each

  • Stunning One (1) page landing page ideal for campaigns
  • Psychological Flow
  • Relevant Graphic Design
  • Relevant Copy Text
  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Relevant CTAs
  • Forms
  • Form Workflow is an additional cost

Affiliate/Referral System

$1,950 /from

  • Grow. your business organically with an advanced Affiliate/Referral Management System
  • Empower your satisfied customers to promote your services
  • Incentivise your customers and track their performance and revenue from convenient dashboard
  • Integrate your Affiliate/Referral System into your campaign emails
  • Ongoing Monthly Subscription Fees Apply

Reputation Elevation

$1,290 /month

  • Grow your 5-Star reputation with our proprietary system
  • Grow your customer database
  • Offer promotions or incentives
  • Automated Customer SMS
  • Automated Customer Emails
  • White Labelled Interface
  • Includes up to 10,000 database records
  • Additional database records and SMS Fees may apply

Learning Management System

$89,950 /from

  • Deliver on-demand self-paced lessons, live virtual training workshops and in-person sessions
  • Create courses that deliver your message
  • Gather a vibrant community
  • Get actionable insights
  • Design any type of online course
  • Set up a unique course structure
  • Provide engaging assignments and handouts
  • Bundle multiple courses under a single price or chose a flexible corporate subscription model
  • Host live virtual classes
  • Broadcast your video
  • Explain concepts on a whiteboard
  • Clarify doubts instantly with Q&As
  • Build a comprehensive curriculum
  • Schedule and drip course content
  • Open the door to immersive training
  • Show and explain concepts
  • Create workshop breakout rooms
  • Gauge participant comprehension
  • With the Learner app, your learners are never far from your lessons
  • Systems Training (up to 5 users)
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Course content not included
  • Ongoing Monthly Subscription Fees Apply

Business Systematisation

$34,450 /from

  • Process mapping is the critical element required to have a business that is both streamlined and scalable
  • Map Processes (Up To 50)
  • Document/Film Process Implementation Procedures
  • Automate Business Tasks and Processes (Up To 50)
  • Design and Build a Business Operating System EcoSystem (CRM, Project Management, Email Management, Appointments, Messaging, Cloud Document Storage, Digital Signing, Video Meetings, Campaigns, etc.
  • Design, Build and Implement Business Communication Protocols
  • Design, Build and Implement business workflows, Blueprints, Roles Hierarchy and User Permissions
  • Streamline Processes and Increase Efficiencies
  • Increase Service Quality, Improve Service Delivery and Retard Costs.
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Content Not Included (EG. Email Design and Copy Text, Etc.)
  • Ongoing Monthly Subscription Fees Apply

Social Media Starter Package

$397 /month

  • Industry Specific Content Strategy
  • 5 Posts p/m
  • 3 Stories p/m
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Text
  • Boosted Post PPC Budget Not Included
  • 100% Satisfaction

Socials Lead Gen. Package – 1

$997 /month

  • Social Media Starter Package, PLUS:
  • Relevant Hashtag Research
  • Hashtag Implementation
  • 1 Campaign p/m
  • Campaign Graphic Design
  • Campaign Copy Text
  • Landing Page Not Included
  • Campaign PPC Budget Not Included
  • 100% Satisfaction

Socials Lead Gen. Package – 2

$1,450 /month

  • Socials Lead Gen. Package – 1, PLUS:
  • Up To 7 Posts in Total p/m
  • Up To 4 Stories in Total p/m
  • Keyword Research & Implementation
  • 1 Campaign & 2 boosted posts pm
  • Landing Page Not Included
  • Campaign PPC Budget Not Included
  • Boosted Post PPC Budget Not Included
  • 100% Satisfaction

Campaign and boosted post budget is not included in the subscription price.

You can select a service separately or combined.
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Simply, reach out for strategy call so we can build you a custom quotation.

Email Direct Marketing

$897 /from

  • 1 Email p/m
  • Content Research
  • Email Graphic Design
  • Email Copy Text
  • CTA Tracking
  • Workflow/Funnel Inclusion
  • Custom Domain Sending (SMTP/SPF/DKIM)
  • Custom Domain Reply Tracking
  • Detailed Broadcast Report
  • Database List Not Included
  • 100% Satisfaction

Press Releases

$1,950 /each

  • Supercharge your SEO and get media recognition with custom press releases to promote your business, brand or product
  • Business launch or product launch
  • One (1) Press Release
  • Up to 900 words
  • Keyword Rich Content
  • Business Citation Created Per Release
  • Includes Local/National Broadcasting to relevant media outlets
  • Includes Global Media Outlet Syndication to increase SEO Backlinks
  • Guaranteed 198+ Outlet Pickups
  • 100% Satisfaction


$597 /each

  • 1 blog p/m (600 -900 words)
  • Content Research
  • Copy Text
  • Keyword Rich Content
  • Image Curation
  • Edited
  • Published to Your Website
  • 100% Satisfaction

Podcast (15 Mins)

$997 /each

  • Up To 15 Minute Podcast
  • Storyboard
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Post Production
  • Publishing
  • 100% Satisfaction

Audio Advertisment (30 Sec)

$597 /each

  • Up To 30 second Audio Advertisement
  • Content Research
  • Script
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Post Production
  • Publishing
  • 100% Satisfaction

You can select a service separately or combined.
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Simply, reach out for strategy call so we can build you a custom quotation.

The Video Package

$1,597 /per film hour

  • We will work with you to plan, film and edit your video from start to finish either in studio or on location
  • Ideal for Website, Webinar, LMS, Media and TV Content
  • Storyboard film sequence
  • Film (Muti Camera Angles)
  • Post Production
  • Quality Audio
  • Lighting
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Travel Not Included
  • Location Fees Not Included

The Audio Package

$20 /per audio second

  • We will work with you to script, record and edit your audio files from start to finish
  • Ideal for Radio, Spotify or YouTube ads, On-hold Messaging, Voicemail, Telephone Prompts, Podcasts etc.
  • Script
  • Recording
  • Production
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Travel Not Included
  • Location Fees Not Included

The Photography Package

$180 /per image

  • Enhance your business, brand or product with professional grade in-studio or on-location photography.
  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Travel Not Included
  • Location Fees Not Included

SEO Audit

$497 /from

  • We will only do an audit and provide a report on your SEO health with some recommendations (once off)

SEO Boost

$697 /month

  • We will work on your SEO for one month to give it a boost with a report indicating what we did. (month – month)

SEO Management

$997 /from

  • This service is recommended as we will manage your SEO and build on it as the market changes and adapts. Subscriptions run for 12 months at a time.

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