choosing childrens eyewear annalises story

As if the day to day trials and tribulations of parenthood aren’t challenge enough, let’s add another into the mix – choosing glasses for your child AND getting he or she to want to wear them. 


With technological advances, there are now more choices than ever before for children’s eyewear with thinner, stronger and more flexible materials available, enabling you to feel more at ease with your investment. Safety, durability and comfort are the key functions you would look for when selecting the right frame for your child. We know this is important, so we stock products featuring shatter-resistant lenses, spring hinges and UV protection. Because, let’s face it, these frames have to keep up with the active lifestyle that young children lead.

Lastly, but definitely not least, there is another factor to consider – they have to look good. With social pressures across all age groups mounting, it is important for your child to be confident in the glasses that they choose. This is why we strongly encourage the kids to get involved as active participants in the frame-choosing process. If it is their choice, then they are more likely to be happy. They are more likely to wear them and reap the benefits of their prescription. 

Pictured is Annalise wearing Matttew frames from Smart Vision Optometry, which are the pinnacle of individuality and style for children. Annalise is one of our Vision Therapy stars and has a very bright, big (and cheeky) personality. She is the type of girl that if you tell her she can’t do something, she will do it just to prove you wrong. She is headstrong and brilliantly confident, so involving her in the process of choosing her frames and lenses was an absolute must. 

We asked her mother Kirsten about her thoughts on the process and she replied, “My big thing is that I want the kid’s glasses to be thought of as more of a fashion accessory than somewhat of a disability.” Kirsten affirms that it is so important that children like their glasses so that they will actually want to wear them. She says that Annalise “now seems to be known as the kid with the big, funky glasses” and it suits her perfectly. Annalise likes to stand out and to express herself, these glasses help her do just that. 

It is no surprise then that at Smart Vision Optometry we believe that eyewear is much more than just an accessory – it’s a functional solution for your vision correction and a way to express your personality and sense of style. We have big frames for the bold kids, we have delicate frames for the shy kids, we have pretty frames for the princesses and distinguished frames for our budding little businessmen (how’s that for some stereotypes for you?!). But seriously, we are lucky to have such an extensive range where there is something for everyone.

We are luckier still to have built great relationships with our various frame suppliers and to have more options at our fingertips if you can’t quite find your heart’s desire in store. So if you are in the market for children’s eyewear, look no further (pardon the pun) and let our experienced and friendly staff make the experience as fun and easy as possible. You will be helping your child see the world in a better way and look great while doing it!

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