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If you’ve been following our blogs over the last few months, you’ll have noticed that we often write about behavioural optometry and its transformational impact in our patients’ lives. But this time we’ll break the ice and talk about something we love just as much – fashion eyewear.


At our Smart Vision practices, we are pretty serious about our eyewear designs. We want to offer our patients not only an extensive collection of high-quality frames, but also exclusive designs from independent European brands that cannot be found elsewhere. If they are so hard to find, how can we source them in Australia? Well… the truth is, we can’t! That’s why our team goes on annual buying trips to Europe to discover the latest creations from the world’s greatest designers, handpick our favourite labels and bring them to you.

Paris is not known as the capital of fashion by chance and, believe me, there is no better place to host one of the leading international eyewear fairs. Since I started my career in the optical industry, I have heard a lot about Silmo, but this year I finally had a chance to visit the show with our optometrists Gary and Jacquie and see it with my own eyes.

Put simply, Silmo is an overwhelming exhibition, with almost 900 brands on show, over 34,000 visiting professionals from all over the world and an exhibition area of 33,000m2 spread across two massive halls. Some of the most popular exhibitors were completely booked out, so we had to plan ahead and be selective.

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Everything was on display – from sleek and minimalist frames to bold, extravagant designs and everything in between. We were blown away by the quality of materials, trendy shapes and premium finishes. There is definitely a swing towards strong lines and glamorous looks, which we found at Milan-based Hayez Eyewear. With a distinct urban and contemporary feel, Hayez frames are handmade in Italy using fine crafting techniques to create beautiful structure and detail.

On the other side of the spectrum, we saw very stylish, understated designs that are elegant, yet far from boring. Blackfin is one of the brands that have redefined the concept of lightness and strength. Their frames are up to 48% lighter than other metal frames. That’s right – they weight as little as 9.5 grams! And the designs are truly unique, featuring clean and defined lines.

Of course we couldn’t go past Peter & May Walk’s glasses and sunglasses. The Parisian duo experiments with proportions, color combinations and detailing to create designs that have been seen on the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Beyoncé. Last but not least, there is Very French Gangsters. We haven’t been this excited about a children’s eyewear label in a very long time! They create super stylish frames for little hipsters and we can assure our patients will be the coolest kids on the block with these specs.

I could go on and on, but that’s all I can fit in one blog post. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and we’ll let you know when these and other amazing labels we sourced at Silmo will be available in our practices. Au revoir!

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