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How to know when vehicles tyres have expired

Every tyre has an expiration date, however tyres can be recycled and reused. The quality of recycled tyres can be as good as new, says Australian tyre recycler and owner of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett.

When buying a new tyre, ask for the manufacturer’s code or 11 characters on the inside of the tyre. This code can tell you the tyre’s lifespan and the date it was manufactured.

Some tyre manufacturers have started to mark the date on the outside of the tyre so that it does not require removing the wheel. This information is essential to know when inspecting a tyre.

Most people who gamble on keeping their vehicles on outdated tires are saving money. Doing so can save them from getting into an accident, and it is also safer for the other drivers.

The expiry date of a vehicle tyre depends on a variety of factors and is not linked to the date of manufacture.

How to read a tyre

A tyre’s sidewall provides a variety of useful information about the vehicle. This includes the model name, the type of tyre, the construction, the speed rating, and many more.

“To find out the tyre size that is suitable for your car, check the tyre’s designation on the sidewall,” says Lett. Further details about the tyre’s size are also listed in the Certification of Conformity (CoC) document. For example, if the tyre has the designation 205/55R16, it will have a nominal width of 205 mm. Its aspect ratio will be calculated as a percentage.

The rim diameter is the distance between the outer rim edge and the rim edge. It is usually calculated by adding the tyre’s designation before the rim diameter is indicated.

These are the radial tyres that are commonly used on the road. They have a radial sidewall and are angled in a radial direction. Due to the angle at which the cords are positioned, they are harder overall. The radial tyre is a type of vehicle tyre that is usually used on our roads,” says Lett. It has a steel and nylon cord that is placed on the right angle to the direction of travel.

Tyre weight index: “A vehicle’s tyre load index shows the maximum carrying capacity of its tyres. It does so by taking into account the weight of the vehicle it is carrying,” says Lett. For example, a tyre with a load index of 91 can weigh approximately 615 kilograms.

The speed rating shows the maximum speed a tyre can achieve while being used under load. It is the letter at the top of the sidewall that indicates the load index number. “When buying new tyres, ensure that the speed rating of the vehicle you are purchasing is the same as the speed capabilities of the tyres,” says Lett.

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