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People tend to put off buying replacement tyres for as long as possible.

Drivers of vehicles of all kinds see it as a major expense they can do without. Then there’s the thought of finding a dealer who’s helpful, sells safe tyres and is good value.

While all of this is understandable, here on the Gold Coast you have great options right at your fingertips.

As dealers and fitters of budget tyres for many years, we at Branigans Budget Tyres have great value budget tyre options.

Expert Advice

The best way to get safe, good value tyres is to talk to independent dealers. It might be possible for you to be perfectly roadworthy with used tyres. With a good, local dealer you can trust, you’ll get the right advice. Sometimes rotation is an even cheaper option than buying any kind of replacements.

By talking to an experienced, independent dealer, you can explore all of your options.

Modern tyres are made to last for a long time. This is true whether they cover hundreds of miles a week or are immobile in your driveway or garage. The point is, today’s tyres can be great value no matter how old they are.

As used tyres have between 50% and 90% tread, you’re guaranteed road safety whether you choose new or second hand.

A reputable independent dealer will give you the right advice, which will save you money. As well as this, they can guarantee that your replacements will be completely safe. When you buy replacement tyres, you get free alignment, suspension and brake checks.

All of these increase the life of your tyres, giving even better value for money.

Local Help

As trusted independent suppliers of budget tyres on the Gold Coast, we know the value of having good help on your doorstep. With larger dealerships, you may have to book appointments or check what services they offer. While some of these may be free, they might also have strings attached.

With a reliable, local dealer, you get exactly what you pay for. Whether you drive a family car, 4WD or light truck, you need to have someone to rely on.

Choose someone local, and you shouldn’t have to make an appointment to get your tyres checked.

As we all lead busy lives, having flexible local help is vital.

This could mean you take action sooner rather than later. Not only is this a good idea safety wise, it could very well save you money.

Find Out More

If you’re in the area, check out Branigans Budget Tyres.

We’re on the Southport Nerang Road to the west of the city; or call us on (07) 5591 8633. Our website is at: Branigans Budget Tyres

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