Eyes InDesign Mosman Discusses Key Fashionable And Protective Sunglasses Trends

Sight-Worthy Sunglasses: Fashion Forward Sunglasses, Trends That Look Good, And Are Good  For Your Eyes

Sunglasses are a way of expressing your style but are also a functional way to protect your eyes from the sun. Eyes InDesign Mosman, makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest sunglasses trends because they stock designer sunglasses from leading Australian and European fashion brands.

Some trending styles and colours for 2022 include:


Whether its neon frames or neon lenses, this trend is very popular at the moment. The neon trend is inspired by the nineties and is evident across the fashion industry now. Make a statement this summer by wearing a pair of fashionable neon sunglasses!


If the neon trend is too colourful, try the fashionable bold white sunglasses. Just because they’re white doesn’t mean they are boring. When combined with a thick, retro frame, this style is perfect for every occasion this summer. This look has been seen on the likes of famous YouTuber Emma Chaimberlain!


Classic metal framed sunglasses do not have to be left in the past. They are still trendy and are sure to make a statement this season. Metal frames come in different shapes to suit any face.


Mono lenses that made people like JLo, a fashion icon, are back! This is because of the increased popularity in Y2K or the year two thousand fashion. These large shades can be a great way to protect your eyes from the sun while looking super cool and remaining on trend!

All the brands stocked at Eyes InDesign Mosman are of a high quality. They are a perfect investment to protect your eyes. Ensure your sunglasses have a good percentage of UV protection. Some over-the-counter sunglasses have a poor light filter with no or limited UV protection and can damage your eyes. An increased exposure to UV rays can increase the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and ocular melanoma.

Besides 100% UV protection, there are a few other reasons to wear high quality sunglasses. Many good quality sunglasses offer polarised lenses which help to eliminate glare or intense light. Glare bounces off different surfaces (cars, the road and the ocean). Polarised sunglasses can eliminate the risk of accidents due to distractions caused by glare.

For your next pair of high-quality sunglasses that are on trend this summer, come into Eyes InDesign Mosman and have a look at the designer brands available. Our in-house stylist can give you the best advice on what frame will suit your face and make it easy for you to look fashionable this season.

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