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Whether someone is an Australian or a New Yorker, Manhattan seems to be the place where dreams are made or broken. It’s the home of the wealthy. Being part of Manhattan’s high society, or even just experiencing it for one night, is a thing to aspire to. But now, Aussies are taking it by storm, and one Australian boutique winery is setting the trend while winning hearts and minds.

Right now, an event conceived and implemented in Australia is seeing New York’s high society scrambling for that exclusive invitation or ticket that says “You’re in! You made it!” If you’re wondering just how this came to pass, and how it’s ended in a new beginning, it’s time to look at how this Aussie family stole the hearts of New York’s best and brightest socialites.

It Takes Charm. It Takes Guts

When the family-owned Manor Estate winery decided to break into the New York scene in a big way, they realised that it would take patience and perseverance. But they added a key ingredient: charm. That’s why eldest daughter of the house, Sharleen, is the face of Manor Estate in New York. It’s a far cry from her upbringing in the tranquil surrounds of McLaren Vale, South Australia, but it proved to be a masterstroke. 

With business acumen, marketing smarts, and personal charisma on her side, Sharleen did what may seem impossible – winning over a discerning market to a then-unknown Aussie brand of wine. And she did it in style! 

On the 25th of April, this down-home Aussie lady will be hosting the event that has Manhattan’s beautiful people talking. It’s not the end of the story, but it marks the end of a chapter – and a new beginning that rewards the hard work that went into it. 

The Secret’s in the Wine – Not the Witchcraft

A century or two ago, there may have been whisperings that dark magic was afoot. Sharleen’s claim that it only takes one taste of Manor Estate Wines to win wholehearted support may have got superstitious people wondering just what she’d added to it. But Sharleen says that the wine is definitely additive-free. Not only that, it’s truly superior, and one doesn’t need an “educated” palate to recognise it. 

At the same time, Sharleen admits that it’s a bit like magic. They’re sceptical. She smiles. “Just taste it,” she says. And that’s how Manor Estate Wine rose to be recognised as the way Manhattan’s people-in-the-know celebrate special occasions. 

The next step in the story is an obvious one. Feted by glitterati of the foodie world, Sharleen brings a little piece of Australia into the heart of New York with a Secret Wine Garden event based on her family’s recipe for success. 

The McLaren Vale Secret Goes Sky High

What started as an intimate gathering of Australian wine lovers in the elegant gardens of a family’s country home is now, quite literally, going sky high in New York where an iconic skyscraper will now host its version of the Aussie event. 

Naturally, Sharleen is the hostess who is making it all happen, and she says the response has been phenomenal. “There’s a waiting list for future events, and it’s filling fast,” she says. “The sittings for the 25th will be fully attended. And there are some big names on the guest list.”

Admittedly, based on past successes in Australia, and Covid-19 regulations, the guest list is limited. But Sharleen prefers it that way. “The aim is to put people in an incredible venue with great wine, good music, views over the New York skyline, and gourmet snacks. From there on, socialising is easy with a limited guest list. Being exclusive means allowing inclusivity as far as socialising goes. There’s no getting lost in the crowd.”

Watch This Space

The 25th of April 2021 will be a landmark. It’s the first time that an all-Aussie event has been held in New York, and thanks to Manor Estate, it will be an occasion that guests won’t forget soon. “It’s smart. It’s sexy. There’s great wine and good company. And though it’s definitely upper-crust, it’s also laid back, personal, and relaxed,” says Sharleen. 

Now, it’s time to wait and see. This ultimate test of Manor Estate’s hospitality in the world’s glitziest city is coming soon. If someone is wondering how it will go and love the idea of “little guy makes good,” there’s sure to be good news in the report that follows the event. Hold thumbs. Cross the fingers. Say a lucky charm. Australian magic is about to happen in New York!

For more information on the Secret Wine Garden events, or join their wine club, visit the Manor Estate Wines website or call their team of experts on (08) 8383 7300.

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