At Branigans Budget Tyres, we definitely keep our eyes peeled for the cheapest tyres Gold Coast drivers would put on their vehicles.

We’re all about value for money. But our insistence on customer service excellence also guarantees we will recommend the best tyres available for your vehicle and your budget.

Since the first pneumatic tyres in the 1800s, countless companies, from all over the world, have entered the tyre industry. A few of these tyre manufacturers have continued to embrace technology and evolved into the brands we know today.

Now, when you take delivery of your new vehicle, it will sport tyres that have been carefully selected by the vehicle manufacturer.

Your vehicle is expected to perform as advertised when fitted with these tyres. The review you read about your vehicle’s road handling and fuel efficiency was most likely written after the reviewer drove on the same brand tyres.

When it’s time to replace your worn tyres, you might choose to follow your car manufacturer’s recommendation and buy the same tyres again. However, what’s to stop you swapping to another brand of tyre?

The choices, these days, are mind boggling. For every premium tyre manufacturer, there could be 10 manufacturers offering perfectly good budget to medium range tyres.

You can relax. Saving money on a tyre will not mean buying a product that would fail to measure up to your driving demands.

But are the cheapest tyres Gold Coast drivers can find actually worth it? The staff at Branigans Budget Tyres are the experts when it comes to finding which are the best buys.

Our family-owned business, in operation now for more than 15 years, is founded on building a network of suppliers who can deliver the best tyres for the best prices.

Better to be safe than sorry. When your money is really tight, we can get you sorted with quality secondhand tyres with tread depths ranging from 50% to 90%. Next time around, you might be better placed to spring for our competitively priced new tyres.

Whatever you’re needing, we ensure that your replacement tyre or tyres will suit your vehicle, with the appropriate tread requirement, speed rating, load rating and ply rating.

Where Will I Find The Cheapest Tyres On The Gold Coast?

By now you should be in no doubt that Branigans Budget Tyres will get you the best bang for your buck in tyres. It’s certainly one of the main reasons customers keep coming back to us.

We have 3 branches. On the Gold Coast, Southport and Burleigh Heads are open 6 days a week. Our branch in Tweed Heads/Murwillumbah is open 5 days a week.

Each branch has its own supply of high quality used, nearly new and new tyres. Stock changes daily. If we don’t have the right product in stock, we’ll try to source it for you or show you a suitable alternative.

Get in touch now:

  • Southport: 07 5591 8633 or simply use the Southport contact form on this page
  • Burleigh Heads: 07 5535 2660 or simply use the Burleigh Heads contact form on this page
  • Tweed Heads/Murwillumbah: 0450 729 061 or simply use the Tweed Heads contact form on this page

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