Burleigh Heads Affordable Tyre Wholesaler Talks Tyre Safety During La Niña

The effects of La Niña’s weather conditions and your tyres

La Niña has arrived, along with it’s tumultuous and challenging weather conditions. During this period, road safety becomes a top priority, and with that, tyre safety is at the foreground of the discussion. Every few years, weather patterns like La Niña occur, accompanied by increased rainfall, shifts in temperature and earlier monsoon onsets. All factors test both the performance and durability of tyres.

La Niña favours no road user, or anyone in general. Slippery roads due to increased rainfall, and increased wind gusts act against drivers’ abilities, and that is where tyre safety and quality evaluation enters the equation.  Chris Lett, Australian tyre recycler and founder of Branigans Tyres, talks about the effects of La Niña and the importance of tyre safety and standards to best withstand the harsh, wet and windy conditions. “Developing and designing quality-specific tyres should be a testament to tackling rough weather,” says Lett.

When the weather is bad, tyre checks should be a priority. “Tyre checks prove to be equally as important as filling one’s car with fuel,” says Lett. Tyre checks should regularly be undertaken by qualified tyre mechanics who meticulously inspect the tyres and give advice to best equip drivers about the current performance and condition of their tyres.

“In the presence of inclement weather, road-users should highly prioritise their tyre checks,” says Lett. “Creating a tyre checklist is a core benefit, and should include the following assessments on tread tyre depth, tyre rotation and tyre inflation.”

The tyre tread depth is pivotal to the grip of the tyre, and should meet the legal minimum tread depth of 1.5mm in Australia. When it pertains to wet conditions, tyre treads that are worn could pose a detrimental risk to the driver, as there is insufficient traction. “Inspecting and ensuring that tyre tread depths meet the standard of 1.5mm is as crucial as applying one’s safety belt when driving,” says Lett.

Tyre rotation is another element of focus. Rotating tyres ensures even tyre wear and provides an accurate visual on the current conditions of one’s tyres. Tyre rotations are beneficial and can increase the life span of tyres. “When vehicles commence a long distance road trip, it is important that the driver considers a tyre rotation beforehand,” says Lett.

Tyre inflation is equally as important as the other elements discussed. “If road users have tyres that are losing air, or are running flat, they should immediately replace or inflate tyres before continuing with any road activities, ” says Lett. Properly inflated tyres can ensure that the safety and security standards of the vehicle are being met.

“Through creating and practicing the necessary tyre safety checklist, road users are well-informed on their tyre conditions and how to prepare for inclement weather best,” says Lett. Drivers can initiate solutions to maintain their tyres and ensure both their safety and the safety of others using the roads.

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