How can Smart Vision Technology help to improve eyesight?

With advances in technology changing and shaping peoples lives in so many aspects, it’s not surprising to see that technology also has a role to play in improving eyesight. New processes and technologies are being developed every day to find ways to help patients see better. Smart Vision Optometrists pride themselves on being at the forefront of cutting edge technology to provide patients with the best possible care and service.

Gary Rodney, leading Smart Vision optometrist with Smart Vision Optometry, says that patients looking for a non-invasive alternative to surgery to correct myopia need look no further than Smart Vision Optometry’s Ortho-K process. Orthokeratology or Corneal Refractive Therapy is a unique therapy that uses custom-fitted, oxygen permeable contact lenses that reshape your corneas while you sleep. This method allows patients to see clearly without any daytime interventions as the process occurs overnight. This is great for those unable to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day, such as surfers and sportspeople with the added benefit of helping to protect the elongation of the eyeballs which causes the long term damage to the health of the eyes and the progression of the myopia (shortsightedness).

Another great use of technology to improve visual acuity is through the use of Vivid Vision Virtual Reality Vision Training. This system utilises virtual reality technology to create a fun and interactive way for children and adults to improve their vision skills and correct visual dysfunctions such as strabismus and convergence insufficiency. There are only 92 practices worldwide that can boast of having this technology available to help patients improve optical efficiency in all areas of life.

Those who suffer from chronic dry eyes and eyelid inflammation (better known as blepharitis) can benefit significantly by using two technological tools available to Smart Vision Optometry patients, namely the BlephEx and Blephasteam systems. BlephEx gently exfoliates the eyelids and eyelashes, removing the exotoxin-laden biofilm that accumulates on the eyelid, providing rapid relief from eyelid inflammation symptoms. This painless procedure effectively removes the scurf and bacterial debris that build up along the lid margin. This debris is responsible for most low-grade inflammatory blepharitis, the primary cause of chronic dry eye disease. Blephasteam is a safe and convenient treatment used as part of our patients’ dry eye treatment plan to relieve Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) symptoms. Blephasteam creates the perfect temperature and environment to increase blood flow, melting the thick secretions within the glands. After each session, the secretions are manually expressed, improving oil flow into the tear surface and thus tear quality.

Smart Vision behavioural optometrists also use some of the most current eye testing technology, such as the Zeiss i.Profiler. This technology measures each eye independently, thus recording irregularities and differences much more effectively. This innovative technique allows Smart Vision optometrists to prescribe bespoke lenses for each eye and help to significantly improve poor-light vision, colour perception and night vision problems.

The Visagraph is a recording system that accurately measures eye movements during reading by using infrared sensors in a pair of goggles that is connected to and analysed by a computer. The results from the assessment give optometrists a considerable amount of information about the movement of the eyes, which otherwise would never have been revealed. For example, they provide many valuable statistics on ocular function and show an illustration of the left and the right eye movements, the number of fixations and the number of regressions. From the assessment, our Smart Vision Behavioural Optometrists can give recommendations on how the child’s reading ability can be improved and prescribe a tailored Vision Therapy program to tackle deficiencies in visual functioning, perception and cognition.

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