Regular Cleaning May Keep Your Tyres Turning Longer

Failing to maintain your car tyres can be seen as a four-fold crime. It’s operating against the law, putting your safety in jeopardy, and affecting your car’s performance, according to Australian tyre expert, Chris Lett. And it’s also cutting short the lifespan of the tyres, which is going to steal from your family budget, even if you save a good deal of money by buying recycled tyres from a safe outlet like Branigans in Queensland.

Keeping Tyres Clean of Debris

Lett said that while consistent tyre pressure, wheel alignment, balancing and rotation, as well as limiting exposure to the elements, are at the top of the list when it comes to tyre maintenance, many people are unaware of, or pay little attention to another possible villain in the fight against tyre degradation – dirt and road debris that can shorten tyre life.

He said that when washing the car and checking out its condition, many car owners don’t think to shift their focus below the car’s body and take a close look at the tyres. This stops them from seeing the early warning signs of the onset of damage to tyres, and taking the necessary steps to avoid trouble down the line and the destruction it can cause.

And it’s even less often, Lett said, that motorists realise the importance of washing the tyres thoroughly with soap and water regularly when they routinely clean the car. Yet, this can help prevent some of the almost certain damage that can follow when dust and dirt is left on the rubber, and so lengthen the lifespan of the tyres.

More Than Just a Hose-off

Lett said he’s not just suggesting a quick hose-off when arriving home after a long trip down one of Australia’s many unpaved roads, which is often done for aesthetic reasons. That’s because a light splash of water may not be enough to remove the more stubborn dirt and unknown substances kicked up from any road surface. And if it fails to do so, the road debris which remains on the tyres can easily lead to damage and degradation.

Road Debris Hold Hidden Dangers for Tyres

Without even taking into account the sharp items like nails, broken glass and other solid materials which can lead to obvious damage in the form of punctures, and blow-outs, the road can hold, and then release, other less visible threats to tyres which are not as easy to identify, according to the Burleigh Heads recycled tyre expert.

“The road is full of other materials and particles such as dust, dirt, bits of asphalt, pebbles, seeds, leaves and the aftermath of chemical spills. Many of these less obvious, and sometimes almost invisible, items can be on your tyres after a drive, and can start to eat away at the rubber,” Lett said.

Lett’s Branigans Budget Tyres outlet centres around the sale of high quality recycled tyres at budget prices. These have been checked vigilantly for every sign of degradation or damage, which Lett says can manifest themselves in various ways, from cracks on the side-wall of the tyre to broken, damaged or worn-down tread. And while not all tyre damage can be attributed to failure to keep them clean, a certain amount of the tyres degradation could certainly be attached to the road surfaces the car was driven on.

For further information, visit or call Chris and his team for Second Hand Tyres Gold Coast |Branigans Budget Tyres Service Centre at either Burleigh Heads (07) 5535 2660 or Southport (07) 5591 8633.

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