Tyre noise is normal. The result of tyre material rolling on the surface is bound to create a sound that cannot be avoided and with so many different types of tyres out there, the noise result will never be the same. They will also generate more or less traction, wear resistance, and so forth.

Tyre noise can also be the result of underlying matters, such as abnormal tyre wear or even a broken belt. Branigans Budget Tyres expert and owner, Chris Lett suggests the five following pointers to solve the problem.

Check (And If Needed) Alter Door Seals

Door seals are the bulky, rubber gaskets that frame the car door. Should the door seals not be tightly installed, the vehicle door may not shut properly and the gap between the seal and the door may cause noise that comes from the road and not the tyres.

Checking the fitment of the seals will allow for the door to shut properly since the rattling of the vehicle sometimes causes them to loosen over time.

Regular Tyre Checks

No expertise required here. It’s easy to hop in a car and drive off, but routine inspections do go a long way. Instead of replacing tyres on the fly, apply a visual inspection of the tyres. Grab those rubber gloves and feel the wheel. Chris also says that “a good spin of the wheel helps to see how it rotates. I usually start with the rear ones.”

“To take things to the next level, I would switch up tyres, by bringing the back ones to the front and vice versa, but treads must be even,” Chris adds.

Soundproof Car Cabin Floor

The cabin floors of a vehicle and the interior of the car itself can be significantly affected by the tyre gears where the transmission of tyre noise happens. The best way forward is to soundproof the cabin floor of the vehicle. Thick rugs with a rubber base that allows for sound absorption helps a lot to fade out tyre noise.

Soundproof Car Doors

If there is no issue with the doors of the car and the cabin floor has been soundproofed, there is more that can be done to shut out tyre noise.

There is quite a process to this, but the best material to use to mute most of the ambient noise would be the Noico 80 mil Sound Deadening Mat. This is an excellent material that eliminates noise and rattles. For heat & cool insulation, closed-cell foam liner material that is designed specifically for thermal insulation of the vehicle may work better.

Make Sure Tyres are Fully Inflated

Underinflated tyres can make more noise because they have a much larger contact range with the surface of the road. Making sure that tyres are fully inflated with the correct air pressure-volume is one of the easiest ways to reduce the tyre noise of a car. Better yet, properly inflated tyres do great things for gas mileage.

Each tyre’s pressure ought to be checked every month, and the best route to take would be when the tyres are still cold after being parked for a few hours or more.

Noisy tyres can be the result of many things, but thankfully, there are various solutions available to mitigate the problems at home. If not, there is always Branigans Tyres.

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