Brisbane And Ipswich Carpet Repair Specialist Talks And Treats Carpet Bubbling

Carpet Bubbling: What Is It And How It Can Be Treated 

Carpet bubbling happens when an area of wall-to-wall carpeting begins to lift or rise over the sub floor creating little hills or bubbles in the carpet. This can be caused by many different factors. It may appear a relatively minor problem, but carpet bubbling can become dangerous and cause permanent damage to floors.

Elijah Chique, an experienced third generation carpet repairer, and the owner of Express Carpet Repairs, explains the causes of carpet bubbling as well as the ways it can be fixed or treated.

The factors that cause carpet bubbling are often over looked and never thought of as a problem in the first place. Humidity throughout the home often plays a significant role in causing bubbling. This is especially true if the summer temperatures are drastically different to those in the winter months. Moisture can seep into the carpet causing it to swell. In most cases, carpet swelling will disappear over time and begin to lay flat again, but in severe cases, the flooring will sustain permanent moisture damage and widespread ripples. “If there is permanent damage to the flooring, then it is likely that a full carpet replacement will need to be done,” explains Elijah. However, there are ways to prevent this from happening in the first place. “During the summer months, run the air conditioner, or use a dehumidifier in particularly humid areas, and keep an eye on carpets for early signs of bubbling to stop it in its tracks,” says Elijah.

Another common reason carpets begin to bubble is when furniture and heavy objects are dragged across the carpet. When heavy objects are moved across the floor it can cause the carpet to stretch. As a result, the stretched carpeting creates bubbles. The easiest way to prevent this issue is to lift and carry heavy objects across the carpet. If the objects are too heavy to be lifted, place a piece of plywood under the object and the added leverage can help move the items to where they need to be.

Improper installation can also result in carpet bubbling. For wall-to-wall carpeting to be correctly installed it should be tightly stretched over the sub floor and properly secured with tack strips. If the carpet has not been pulled tightly enough, then it forces the carpet to shake loose and begin to buckle and bubble. “This is the problem with the easiest solution.

In the first instance, ensure that only professional installers are employed to lay the carpet. If it is installed correctly from the beginning this problem can be avoided,” says Elijah. Reacting quickly to carpet problems will prevent them from becoming worse. If there is a problem with your carpet, call Express Carpet Repairs or simply request an instant patch quote, or send them a photo of the carpet-related issue and they are sure to fix it.

Express Carpet Repairs are the go-to experts in all-round carpet fixing. Their professional carpet repairers can repair almost any carpet issue from iron burns to stretching your carpets if bubbling has become a problem. They offer customers reliable, professional, quality and timely service.

Express Carpet Repairs runs a 24/7 service in Brisbane and Ipswich and surrounding suburbs. Next time you need a carpet repairer, think no further than Express Carpet Repairs.

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