Understanding Proper Carpet Installation With Brisbane Carpet Specialist

How To Know If Your Carpet Has Been Correctly Installed  

There is nothing better than getting a new, fresh wall-to-wall carpet installed at home. However, like many things, sometimes carpet laying does not go to plan. This is especially relevant if someone has installed the carpets themselves or if an inferior carpet layer has been hired. Carpets should be laid by a professional.

Elijah Chique, a third generation carpet repair expert and the owner of Express Carpet Repairs in Brisbane, explains how to spot a bad carpet installation immediately. If a poorly installed carpet is detected, it is important to deal with the problem as quickly as possible to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse.

“It is important to trust your own eye,” says Chique. “Look for wrinkles or folds. If the carpet has been correctly installed there should be no wrinkles, bumps or folds and the carpet should look perfectly smooth. If there is a wrinkle, then step on it and if it disappears then there is usually nothing to worry about, but if it doesn’t disappear and it returns after moving your foot, then that is a sign that the carpet has been laid incorrectly,” explains Chique.

“Make sure there are no loose edges. Where the carpet meets the walls, stairs or doors, there should never be any loose edges. The carpet should be securely attached by its tack strips. Frays or gaps are a also a sign of a poorly laid carpet, as are seams that don’t match or are misaligned. A well stretched carpet is key,” says Chique. “When you run your hand over the carpet it should feel taut. When vacuuming, the carpet should stay in place,” adds Chique. “If something does not look right, then it is crucial to discuss it with the carpet layer,” says Chique.

If you have been a victim of a poorly installed carpet and have had no joy in discussing the problems with the carper layer, it can be extremely frustrating. Thankfully there are ways that these problems can be resolved without having to replace the whole carpet. Express Carpet Repairs has a list of carpet repair services that they provide, and fixing poorly or incorrectly installed carpet is one of them. It is crucial to look out for signs mentioned above, to ensure that the carpet has been installed correctly. The sooner problems are sorted out the better. If too much time goes by then it might not be possible to fix them and the whole carpet might need to be replaced.

Act fast on carpet related issues before it is too late. From iron burns to stretching loose carpets, Express Carpet Repairs are the go-to experts in all-round carpet fixing. Their professional, quality, and time-saving services will give you peace of mind and have your carpets looking new in no time.

Express Carpet Repairs runs a 24/7 Service in and around the suburbs of Brisbane. Request an instant patch quote now.

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