Brisbane Carpet Specialist Reveals The Best Carpets For Your Home

Best Types Of Carpets to Have In Your Home  

Not all wall-to-wall carpets are the same, some are better than others. They are made with different materials and have different thread patterns and lengths.

Elijah Chique, a third generation carpet repair expert and the owner of Express Carpet Repairs in Brisbane, explains why some types of carpets are better than others and what types of carpets are suitable for different needs.

“When considering wall-to-wall carpet for your home or business, apart from the colour and the design, there are two main aspects to consider; the construction of the carpet and the fibres used to make the carpet,” explains Chique.

Having knowledge of carpet construction can assist you to decide what carpet will best suit your needs. The three construction methods are; tufted, woven and needle punched carpets. The most common carpets are usually tufted and account for 95 per cent of all commercial carpets on the market. They have a faster production time, lower cost and come in a large variety of different designs. “These carpets are suitable for most situations but if durability and superior quality are concerned then they might not be the best option,” says Chique.

Woven carpets or carpets produced on the loom were the only carpeting option on the market about seventy years ago. Due to technological advances in carpet making, there are more options today. However, people still choose woven carpets due to their exceptional quality and durability. This is especially true of woven carpets using natural materials. This is a good carpet to choose for a luxury high-end project.

Needle punched carpets are colourfast and dry quickly and are resistant to sunlight and fading. However, they lack a variety in design and feel. They are not recommended for general use, however, they come into their own in areas where moisture can be a problem. Needle punched carpets are typically used in areas such as pools, patios, bathrooms, and entry mats.

Carpets are made today using a range of fibres. Wool is a premium fibre and is known for being durable, stain resistant, easy to keep clean and fire resistant. It has a luxurious feel but is expensive.  Wool can also absorb moisture so it is not recommended for areas prone to dampness. Nylon is a more cost-effective option for carpeting. It is known for its resilience, durability and comfort.

Nylon does not produce static, it is resistant to stains and holds its height well over time. Another synthetic fibre is polyester, known as a cheaper option. This has been used in carpeting for many years but is always considered a low quality option. Today there are even options to use recycled materials for carpet fibres. These are generally a mid-range price option and they are also a durable, sustainable and attractive option.

There are many things to consider when picking the correct type of carpet for a home. It is also important to remember that all carpets, no matter the price or quality, will need refreshing every now and then. Express Carpet Repairs can fix most carpet-related problems. Simply send them a picture of the carpet problem, or request an instant patch quote on their website and they are sure to resolve the issue.

Act fast on carpet related issues before it is too late. From iron burns to matching existing carpet, Express Carpet Repairs are the go-to experts in all-round carpet maintenance and repairs. Their professional, quality, and time-saving services will give you peace of mind and have your carpets looking new in no time.

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