Brisbane Carpet Specialist Discusses The Benefits Of Having Carpets

Benefits Of Having Carpets In Your House   

Many people have wall-to-wall carpets installed or large carpet squares or mats throughout their homes. However, few people know the benefits of having carpeted rooms in their homes.

Elijah Chique, a third generation carpet expert and the owner of Express Carpet Repairs, explains the many benefits of carpeting your home.

“Carpets can improve indoor air quality as they are one of the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC)-emitting flooring choices available,” says Chique. Carpets act as a passive air filter that traps dust, pollen, and other air borne particles and removes them from breathing zones. Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergies have found some relief in having carpets in their homes.

Carpets provide warmth and comfort. They give thermal insulation and resistance against the cold. In cool climates, carpets retain the warm air longer than other kinds of flooring. Besides keeping homes warmer, carpets also provide a comfortable place to sit or play on the floor. “Carpets provide cushioning for our feet, reducing the likelihood of falls or slips. If there are children in the home, carpets soften their falls; and they are great for crawling toddlers,” says Chique.

Carpets have acoustic benefits as they soften harsh sounds and assist in creating a quieter, more peaceful indoor space. Carpets and underlay help to eliminate excessive noise that can be generated by footsteps, scraping chairs, and dropped objects. This is important in homes where children running and jumping can produce heavy floor impacts and loud noise.

Carpet also helps to control sound reverberation. There are many noisy objects in our homes today, for example televisions, speakers and phones. Carpets help to absorb these sounds, making it easier to focus on work and easier to sleep. They also work as a sound barrier between floors, helping them block sound from below. It also helps to put carpets on stairs as this will minimise the sound of foot traffic.

Carpets are a great addition to any house and offer many benefits to homeowners. However, there are times when carpets can get damaged from general wear and tear or accidents. If carpets have tears, bubbles or even irremovable stains, Express Carpet Repairs can fix these problems. Whether the carpet needs to be patched, re-stretched or something else, Express Carpet Repairs can do this. Simply take a picture of the damaged carpet and send it to them, or alternatively, request an instant patch quote on their website.

“With carpet issues it is crucial to act fast. For example, if you have a tear in your carpet it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid the tear getting worse and to the point where it can no longer be repaired and will need to be replaced,” explains Chique.

Act fast on carpet related issues before it is too late. From iron burns to matching existing carpet, Express Carpet Repairs are the go-to experts in all-round carpet fixing. Their professional, quality, and time-saving services will give you peace of mind and have your carpets looking new in no time.

Express Carpet Repairs runs a 24/7 Service in and around the suburbs of Brisbane and Ipswich. Request an instant patch quote now.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA News

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