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If you’re looking for new or used tyres, the team at Branigans Budget Tyres is here to help.

We sell the best cheapest tyres that Gold Coast drivers have come to expect from one of their most trusted dealers.

We have served the Gold Coast region with the best products and expert fitters for decades from our many tyre outlets.

Our service centres are located in the most convenient and accessible locations for drivers across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW region.

Drive Safe

We have the very best team of fitters to make sure you drive on the safest tyres possible.

Our fitters will check your pressure and tyre quality and advise you whether you need rotation or replacements.

We are an independent dealership, so we are not tied to multinationals or kickbacks.

Whether you need new tyres or a service, you can trust us to give you the best option.

It could be that you have a few thousand kilometres left in a couple of your tyres.

We will not try to foist new or replacements on you as we believe in the best service and guaranteed products.

We sell both new and used tyres, all to the safest standards.

Unlike other dealers, our treads are 50 to 90 per cent overall.

We can give you the best deals in the Gold Coast area, over a large range of territory.

Best Coverage

Branigans Budget Tyres is located in three superb outlets on the Gold Coast, at Southport, Burleigh Heads and Tweed Heads.

We also have a station in Murwillumbah, NSW, on the Tweed River.

Our expert team and great range of products have made us trusted as the cheapest tyres Gold Coast drivers rely on.

So much so we’ve spread out into NSW, where we’re continuing to improve our dealership.

We offer full balancing and wheel alignment servicing.

We will also check your vehicle for any suspension, braking or steering problems you might have.

As a driver on the Gold Coast, you want the best out of your drive, and we want to be part of making that happen.

If you are in the Gold Coast region, don’t let the border frighten you.

As our business has developed, we can now give you the best priced tyres from Southport to Murwillumbah.

Whether you’re passing through or a more permanent resident, we at Branigans have the best quality and best value tyre service.

Get In Touch

Find out more about the cheapest tyres Gold Coast and north NSW drivers value the most.

You can start by visiting our website and filling in some details in our online form.

Our dealerships are at Southport on (07) 5591 8633, Burleigh Heads on (07) 5535 2660, or Murwillumbah on 0450 729 061.

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