Its important to maintain your tyres as it means you’re safer on the road and so it can be one of the best investments for your vehicle.

At Branigans Budget Tyres, we have the team and tyres to keep you safe and sound.

As a trusted Gold Coast tyre dealer and mechanical company, we give the very best advice and service.

Long Wearing Tyres

At Branigans, we have decades of experience serving our valued Gold Coast customers.

With the Gold Coast region stretching for kilometres from end to end, we know the demands and pressures of driving your vehicle in an area that relies heavily on motor transport to get around.

As well as selling the very best new and used tyres, we offer a superb mechanical service.

We can diagnose any problems early.

Tyres wear out unevenly for a whole range of reasons, and this always affects your vehicle’s performance and safety.

You might not notice any problems driving to start with, but your tyres are the first part to wear out.

Whether it’s the roads you drive on or the regular trips you make, your tyres will show the evidence.

That’s why it’s important to check them regularly, with a trusted dealer like Branigans.

Tyre Check Ups

With our expert advice, you can make sure all of your tyres are fit for purpose.

We carry out an alignment and rotation service, which makes the best use of your current tyres.

Whether these are brand new or second hand, we’ll help you get the most use out of them.

One basic step is to maintain the right pressure.

Our superb Gold Coast tyres products and services include a pressure check as a minimum.

We won’t let you drive out of one of our service centres without one.

We will also check your tyres for your valves and valve caps.

These can become damaged or dislodged without you knowing it.

It is details like this that we cover in our comprehensive maintenance service.

We can diagnose and fix little problems before they become big ones.

At Branigans Budget Tyres, we have the latest wheel balancing technology.

Our mechanics will spot the slightest errors in this vital part of tyre performance.

By catching these problems early, we save you hassle and money in the long term.

Check Us Out

Our last tip has to be to check us out and get all these checks done on a regular basis so that you don’t have to worry about them!

To find out more about our great Gold Coast tyres sales and service, get in touch.

You can visit our website to contact us or call us in Southport on (07) 5591 8633, Burleigh Heads on (07) 5535 2660, or Murwillumbah on 0450 729 061.

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