Road Trip Season Is Coming Up – Tyre Safety Warnings to Look Out for

Australian tyre recycler and owner of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett, shares important advice for motorists to take precautionary measures for the safety of their tyres this holiday season.

The tyres optimal performance and safety are heavily impacted by the specific range of tyre pressure. The ideal tyre pressure depends on the make and model of the vehicle. The front and back tyres also require different tyre pressure values.

Vehicles have recommended tyre pressure value to give the car extra mileage and retain the quality and longevity of the tyres, this also saves fuel consumption.

A large amount of fuel consumption is also an important warning sign to the condition of tyres. “If you notice that you are having to refuel your vehicle more often than usual, it may be due to tyre pressure,” says Lett.

Factors that contribute to tyre pressure are the “weight of the load as well as driving speed,” says Lett.

Tyre pressure is exceptionally important as it affects the quality of the vehicles performance, tyre wear and may lead to tyre bursts. Therefore, it “should be inspected on a regular basis,” says Lett.

For the extra long road, it is exceptionally important to check tyre pressure before the long road.

Tyres should be replaced or repaired when “you notice any signs of cuts, cracks, bulges or blisters on the side walls of the tyres,” says Lett. 

To measure the accuracy of the tyre pressure, the tyres should be inspected when the tyres are cooled. Warm tyres, caused by the friction between the road and the tyre, generates heat and increases tyre temperature and air pressure. This provides an inaccurate measurement of the condition of the tyre.

If the tyres are overinflated, it affects the handling of the vehicle. Underinflated tyres, on the other hand, may cause the tyre to wear off prematurely. Either way, the incorrect inflation of the tyre negatively affects the wear and performance of the vehicle.

Tyre pressure can affect braking control as underinflated tyres affects the traction of the tyres. “If you notice that your car is taking longer to come to a complete stop, it is recommended that you check the tyre pressure.

Signs of low tyre pressure also include vibrations. Excessive vibrations is an important indicator and warning sign of damaged tyres. This can be due to misalignment, unbalanced or bent wheels.

Less air in the tyre air chambers, may lead to “a bumpy ride and bumps and ridges can be easily felt,” says Lett. This may feel like the shock absorbers are not working.

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