Revered Wallan Victoria Play Centre Owner Informs On Play Centre Hygiene Musts

Promoting safe and secure hygienic standards at Play Centres

Indoor play centres are one of the most popular leisure destinations for families with young children. However, play centres can become a hazard to public health and safety if not properly maintained. Owner of Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre, and proud mother, Kylie-Jane Shannon, shares the essential components of promoting safe and hygienic standards at play centres.

The first essential component for play centres, is to ensure that all resources, play equipment including indoor and outdoor toys, swings, bikes, etc, as well as the physical areas are thoroughly disinfected and sanitised regularly. Ensuring that everything is well-organised everyday is another essential component for promoting safe and hygienic standards.

“As a well revered play centre, Jungle Kids ensures that sanitising meticulously and arranging the play centre before the very first customers step in, and after the last customer steps out, is of utmost importance and is regularly exercised by staff,” says Kylie.

With numerous children using the play centre’s equipment and resources daily, disinfecting surfaces regularly, allows for greater control of the hygiene standards that assures parents that their young ones can enjoy themselves in a safe and sanitary environment.

Another essential component of a safe and hygienic environment is to enlist the participation of both the children using the centre and their parents. Through good communication, play centres can implement hygienically beneficial protocols that set the hygiene standards for the centre. Examples include, ensuring that everyone thoroughly washes and sanitises their hands before they enter the play centre, and if directed to do so, adults wear a mask. “If everyone is aware of, and maintains safe and hygienic standards, we can help keep both kids and parents safe and healthy, and communicate our standards in a fun and informative manner,” says Kylie.

Another essential component is to ensure that parents adhere to the rules and regulations of the play centre. “For example, at Jungle Kids, the play centre strictly advises that all children must wear socks when they’re in the play centre, and that parents supervise their children’s activities,” says Kylie. Following the rules and regulations assist play centres highly maintain a safe and orderly environment.

The final component is to ensure that all play centre equipment is well maintained and safe for daily use. “At Jungle Kids, all play centre equipment is safe, regularly serviced and versatile to cater for all age groups,” says Kylie. All surface areas in the play centre should be preserved well, and show no signs of wear and tear.

The essential components discussed above should serve as the most informative and frequently practiced etiquette to best deliver and uphold the ideal play centre experience for children and parents.

Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre continues to dedicate their expertise and delight to serving Australian families within the town of Wallan, Victoria. Checkout their full range of services and current featured promotions. Visit their Facebook page to view all their activities and special offerings.

Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre is open seven (7) days a week and is open until 5:00pm on weekdays during the school holidays.

As part of their Play-all-day Single Admission, adults and babies attend free of charge. 12 months to 3 years old attend at $8.50 and 4 years old to 12 years old attend at $10.00.

Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre is situated at 2B Commercial Drive Wallan, Victoria and can be contacted on: (03) 5783 4104.

Written and syndicated by YDMA News

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