Australian Educator Reveals The Natural Way To Health

Many health experts say that the natural way to maintain a healthy body and reduce the risk of illnesses entails exercising, eating healthily, and maintaining a healthy weight. However, there is a more straightforward way to maintain and reinforce health practices and benefits. Sodium bicarbonates, also known as Bicarb Soda, are associated with many health benefits and maintaining key metabolic functions.

Dean Kesarlal, the founder of Safe Soda and an iconic Australian healthy lifestyle educator, explains that “pure and natural sodium bicarbonates alkalises the body and provides many health benefits that would assist in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body.”

Bicarb can be presented in powder form and taken orally to cleanse the digestive system, improve kidney function, reduce stomach ulcers and the high acidity in the body as a whole that would cause acid reflux. “Dissolving Superior SodaTM in a glass of water and drinking it every morning can help to maintain a healthy Ph balance but more so a healthy alkalinity level throughout the digestive system to minimise acid reflux and improve bowel functioning,” says Dean.

Adding pure and organic sodium bicarbonates to the diet can help to improve digestion, protect against all acid based health disorders including fungal infections, and improve tiredness, endurance, and performance for everyday activities. “Bicarb can neutralise acidity built up within the Extracellular Fluid, improve the body’s Alkalinity balance, maintain a healthy pH by buffering bodily fluids and improve conditions such as acid reflux, and gout” says Dean. Bicarb is also effective against many different fungal groups, including yeast and mould, which can develop into infection if left untreated as they are acid based

“Natural bicarb helps to maintain and support healthy acid and alkaline balance in the body and assists in your overall well-being,” says Dean.Sodium bicarbonates are used to treat conditions caused by high acidity in the body. This non-toxic substance can be used to reduce the effect of acid and inflammation of the body. It can “relieve heartburn, reduce episodes of gout, muscle pain, and acts as a urinary alkaliser.” says Dean. Bicarb can act as a protective barrier against urinary tract infections. People can take sodium bicarbonates to cleanse the bowels, improve kidney function, indigestion, and stomach ulcers.

Sodium bicarbonates is a natural antacid and is also a natural alkalising agent. Sodium bicarbonates are often nature’s best remedy for balancing the body’s pH level and alkalinity and improving overall health.

Our body system works well when the alkalinity level is balanced. This in turn balances overall pH due to the bicarbs buffering ability. Although our body needs acidity for digestion, an increase in acidity within the extracellular fluid may cause an imbalance of the alkalinity and pH level, and it may lead to severe health conditions, such as diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer both being acid based.  “Acidity triggers these conditions that either create or make the condition worse,” says Dean. Sodium bicarbonates regulate the acid by alkalising it. True alkalinity neutralises acids, oxygenates the body, regulates pH balance and regulates and maintains your negative frequency of the body as bicarb is classed as an Anion, being a negative charged ion. By restoring the true alkalinity level of the body it can improve stamina, endurance, inflammation and gout amongst many other factors.

Safe Soda flagship product Superior Soda is the top-level Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate sourced from nature itself. One of the most significant health claims of this is that it helps maintain and support healthy acid/alkali balance in the body. The product is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) Register with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and classed as a Listed Medicine. For more information on these health benefits, follow Dean’s free Live presentations and webinars.


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