How to check pH and Alkalinity of the body?

Dean Kesarlal, the founder of Safe Soda and an iconic Australian healthy lifestyle educator, explains an effective way to test body pH and alkalinity using saliva. It is very important to note that saliva is an extracellular fluid being a fluid outside of the cells.

Saliva provides a simple and low cost method for disease screening and detection and its acidity or alkalinity helps determine this. In most cases testing saliva is a great way to see when the body is at an optimal pH and Alkalinity level.

This is done by testing the saliva with Safe Soda’s pH and Alkalinity Strips. The best time to test pH and alkalinity of the body is in the morning. You’ll need a pH and alkalinity strip to test the acidity and alkalinity of saliva. The best time to check saliva is first thing in the morning. As soon as waking up in the morning and before eating, drink or brush your teeth, make sure to have a couple of swallows to bring up new saliva.

Simply place the Safe Soda Alkalinity Strip onto some saliva making sure to wet both tabs on the strips, this will help confirm the body’s pH and alkalinity levels. Make sure the test strips are sufficiently covered in saliva and wait for 15 seconds. The pH strip will change colours based on the saliva’s acidity and alkalinity results.

The pH of the body is measured by the concentration and transfer of hydrogen ions while the alkalinity is measured in parts per million within the Extracellular fluid

An over-reliance on the acidity of the body can lead to systemic damage and even disease. “A balanced pH but more importantly alkalinity can help prevent this from happening,” says Dean.

It is important to pay attention to the alkalinity in the saliva. The mouth needs a balanced pH of 7.4 and alkalinity of 120 to maintain proper function and to begin the proper process of digestion that starts in the mouth. Amylase is the first enzyme that is released by the salivary glands to begin the break down of starches. Amylase is ONLY activated in alkalinity. So if the saliva is Acidic, it doesn’t begin digestion correctly in the first place. When drinking acidic beverages, the saliva’s pH can drop below 5.5. “This can cause demineralisation of the tooth enamel from sugar acid” says Dean.

The thin layer of enamel that’s left over after consuming acidic food and drink can expose the dentin, which is the part of the tooth that’s responsible for holding the tooth in place.

If saliva alkalinity is out of balance, there are some signs that indicate that it is, such as bad breath, sensitivity to cold and hot beverages and tooth cavities. Ideally, saliva should be pH should be 7.4 with an alkalinity of 120. This is the same for swimming pools, fish tanks, the ocean and most soils. It can maintain a healthy mouth and prevent tooth decay from the acidity.

Safe Soda flagship product Superior Soda is the top-level Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate sourced from nature itself. One of the most significant health claims of this product is that it helps maintain and support healthy acid/alkali balance in the body. The product is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) Register with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and classed as a Listed Medicine.

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