Tyres are very much like feet. They take on the hefty task of transporting bodies from point A to B and quite often, both these support systems of transport get the short end of the stick when it comes to caring. It’s rather ironic; considering tyres are responsible for everything from road safety of vehicles and passengers to driving performance.

The intrinsic development of new tyre technology will ultimately redefine how vehicles are driven and it will illustrate how pressure monitoring systems, for instance, have helped maximise the use of tyres. As the digital sphere of the planet expands, eco-friendly tyre options are produced. On the flip side, electricity is something that seems to be finding its way into tyre production as well.

Chris Lett, tyre expert, and owner of Branigans Budget Tyres suggest “tyres have been material and mechanical for so long, but the electrical dimension is now where it’s at and will change the way cars perform.”

Smart Tyres

These types of tyres were projected to make a big wave in the automotive industry, but for a long time, nothing came of it. That is until the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show blew everyone’s caps off with presentations of Smart Tyre concepts by manufacturers like Sumitomo Rubber Industries. They presented tyres with a sensing core, active thread and performance-sustaining technology that assists in the alteration of tyre pressure.

Adjustable wheel concepts have now seeped into the market and allow the driver to control the amount of rubber contacting the surface and varies the car tyre pressure based on road conditions.

Electrical Tyres

Electrical tyres are undoubtedly the future. There is potential for these tyres to reign supreme in the automotive industry with optimised convenience and safety in driving while its restorative technology will lower the costs of tyre management.

3D Printed Tyres

While this concept is not too far removed from smart tyres, 3D printed tyres will redefine how vehicles are designed, produced and maintained. Biodegradable material use in production can make the 3D printed tyre evolution reach greater heights and would mean that tyres can be 3D printed from a variety of recycled materials.

This conceptual tyre technology will be one step closer to ultimate vehicle performance at a fraction of the cost basic management and repairs cost now.

Run-Flat Tyres

Don’t be fooled by the name. This is a contemporary tyre technology development which, simply put, means a vehicle is capable of running with punctured tyres. Run-flat options are a way to increase car durability and ensure better road safety, but it is also said to assist with minimisation of fuel consumption.

Most conventional tyres puncture easily, they aren’t made with the environment in mind and most importantly, it doesn’t always ensure one’s safety. The way forward is with durable, eco-friendly tyres that are designed to keep not only the car in mind but also the person driving it.

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