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Fine living isn’t just for the rich and famous, says Peter Cap, the man behind Manor Estate, the McLaren Vale boutique winery that’s made a name for itself in venues catering to New York VIPs. Everybody deserves occasions when they’ll pamper their taste buds to the maximum, and according to Peter, fine food and wine are an affordable way to celebrate like a superstar. So, those ready to treat themselves, can try these food and wine pairings courtesy of Manor Estate Wines.

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Sparkling Shiraz with Spicy Pasta Provencal – or Dessert

There’s more to the range of foods that match Manor Estate’s famous Sparkling Shiraz – feel free to explore peppery, spicy dishes at will. However, this easy pasta recipe featuring cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, garlic, capers, Italian spices, red pepper and Parmesan cheese is a great way to get that VIP experience at home. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed with game and earthy flavours or it can be served up with a favourite dessert. Take time to admire the frothy mousse that the sparkling shiraz produces when poured – it’s Peter’s pride and joy!

Sparkling Brut with Grilled Fish Served with Green Olive Sauce and Pistachio

Most people will be aware that a sparkling brut can be enjoyed with any white meat or seafood. But special occasions call for special recipes. Serve grilled fish on a base of green olive sauce and top with coarsely chopped roast pistachios. It’s simple but undeniably a dish fit for a king. A little caviar on the side adds an ultra luxury touch and matches the crisp character of the sparkling brut. “Any salty delicacy is great with sparkling brut,” says Peter.

Shiraz with Red Meats and Veggies for Classic Enjoyment

Luxurious shiraz is a real all-rounder to go with red meats and veggies. Peter suggests making a red wine sauce – but not with his Manor Estate Shiraz. “Red wine reductions are fantastic, but you shouldn’t use your best wines for them. A regular bottle of plonk will do for cooking, but for serving, you should complement the meal with a naturally-aged, full-bodied, palate-pleasing shiraz. Theoretically, you could cook with it, of course, but it would be an awful waste.”

Cabernet Sauvignon with Red Meats or Portobello Mushrooms

Pairings for Cabernet Sauvignon are very similar to those that work with Shiraz, but Peter is eager to offer a vegetarian option. “With either Shiraz or CabSav, vegetarians will be looking for a meat substitute as a main dish, and portobello mushrooms fit the bill. Stuffed mushrooms are a fantastic alternative to meat when enjoying red wine with a meal. Spinach, tomato and white cheeses are great accompaniments to portobellos – or just grill and serve.

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Chardonnay with Pasta or Seafood

The delicate nature of Chardonnay calls for equally delicate accompanying flavours. Seafood is sure to be a winner, but asparagus and pasta dishes with subtle flavours are equally successful pairings. For a real gourmet touch, try lobster thermidor, says Peter. It’s a great way of dressing seafood to impress, tastes amazing, and will pair beautifully with the wine.

“You don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy fine food and wine,” says Peter. But once the flavours of paired foods and wines work their magic, you’ll certainly feel like an A-lister – even when it’s just a really special meal at home.” His top wine recommendations are an easy guess. He chooses Manor Estate Wines, the wines he nurtured to match or even beat some of the world’s finest.

Manor estate offers wine events, a romantic wedding venue and luxury accommodation in McLaren Vale. For more information, or to buy wine online, or join their wine club, visit the Manor Estate Wines website or call their team of experts on (08) 8383 7300.

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