Chis Lett, tyre expert and owner of Branigans Tyres says that “it may not appeal to everyone, but tyres do need to be changed and when that time comes, the right ones need to be selected.”

The Influence Behind Tyre Shopping

There are many things that influence a vehicle owner’s decision to buy new tyres or what they will look for. Quite often, a quick stop at the local tyre shop and a convenient selection of what is in stock or on special do the trick.

This is not always a bad thing, but to ensure a seamless (and safe) driving experience, there are things that definitely need to be considered before forking out on those black rubber hoops:

  • Tyre safety and handling
  • Road noise and comfort
  • Tyre longevity and quality
  • The driving terrain these tyres will be exposed to
  • Price (obviously)
  • Also, the type of driver a vehicle owner is

Key Requirements When Selecting Tyres

A vital aspect to consider when choosing new tyres is compatibility with the vehicle. The owner’s manual and documentation of a specific car will usually contain a list of compatible tyre types.

The key characteristics of the tyre on the vehicle can be found on its sidewall.

The same tyres will have to be placed on each wheel position too and are extremely important in maintaining performance and control.

The Meaning of the Codes on Tyres

On each tyre, there are a series of numbers and letters that may look like this: 195/55R/16/91H

Each of these digits/letters represents something different and provides vital information. When it comes to how to read tyre size, the first five digits of the code are the ones to concentrate on. The first three digits belong together and indicate the width of the tyre (in millimetres). In the example above, the tyre is 195mm wide. shares Chris.

The two digits following the first slash are what is known as the aspect ratio. Essentially this is the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width. “So, in the example, the tyre has an aspect ratio of 55, meaning the profile height is 55% of its total width (107.25mm),” shares Chris.

In closing, here are some Fast Facts to save for that next trip to the tyre shop:

  • Check vehicle documentation for compatible tyre types.
  • Tyre size is defined by width, diameter, and height-to-width aspect ratio.
  • The load index indicates how much load a vehicle can support.
  • The speed rating indicates the maximum speed the tyre is capable of.
  • Fit the same model and make of tyre on all four-wheel positions.

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