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The struggling hospitality industry, and folks who love going out for fine food and wine, are gearing themselves to raise a glass to better times. Worldwide lockdown restrictions are easing, and Manor Estate, a boutique winery based in McLaren Vale, is gearing up for the ensuing celebration in New York. Peter Cap, winemaker extraordinaire, and New York-based daughter Sharleen, explain how their winery is preparing for better times ahead. 

“It’s a coup for Manor Estate,” says Peter. “There’ll be compliance with all the regulations, and it’s a personal belief that red wine is very healthful and may even reduce the chances of getting covid. There are even tantalising hints that this might be true in recent research. Whatever the case may be, New York and Manor Estate are getting ready to party together.”

New York, New York

The city that first catapulted Manor Estate wines to local and international fame is preparing to socialise. Certain restrictions for gatherings under lockdown rules were eased on the 1st of April. The 25th of this landmark month will be celebrated in style on the 91st floor at 5 Hudson Yards in Manhattan where the iconic skyline will serve as a backdrop to a celebration featuring Manor Estate’s finest wines.

For once, New York is not the location for a “first.” The exclusive event is based on the “Secret Wine Garden” hosted by Manor Estate in Australia. However, it will be a first for New York, and instead of taking place in the gracious grounds of an Australian winery, the event will be held at the heart of the most prestigious area in The US’s most famous city. 

The glitterati will be there, with celebrity guests and musicians adding their special touch to what promises to become a regular event for the Big Apple. Sharleen, the marketing genius behind Manor Estate Wines’ success in New York will be acting as hostess at the VIP event: “To think it all began at home in McLaren Vale,” she says. “Now, it’s literally going sky-high in New York’s high society at the all-new Hudson Complex.”

“There’s already a huge interest in the these exclusive events. Australia just keeps winning in New York, and Manor Estate wines is making a big name for itself despite being a relatively small winery.”

The Original Secret Wine Garden Gears Up

With New York enthusiastically taking Secret Wine Garden events to its heart, the original Australian version of the event expects even more eager supporters locally. And though Manor Estate is excited about the new venue in the US, it won’t be neglecting the location where it all began. “A lot of people want to experience the wine that’s behind our Manhattan success story,” says Peter. “A trip to New York isn’t possible for everyone, but the wines that are enjoyed against that glittering skyline can be enjoyed at the original manor house where they were created.” 

An Elegant Celebration that Spans the Globe

Following the austerity imposed by the pandemic, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s certainly something to celebrate in the best style. Whether one chooses the imposing New York skyline or the tranquil beauty of McLaren Vale as the backdrop, they may be one of the lucky few to enjoy an elegant celebration that spans the globe. 

Securing a place at either event means starting enquiries early, but if someone does end up on the growing waiting list, they can always open a bottle of Manor Estate Sparkling Brut or Sparkling Shiraz in select company of their own and join the celebration. 

For more information on the Secret Wine Garden events, or join their wine club, visit the Manor Estate Wines website or call their team of experts on (08) 8383 7300.

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