Affordable Southport Gold Coast Tyre Wholesaler Discusses Brake Safety Awareness

Brake Safety Awareness

Brakes stand at the forefront of vehicle and motorist safety. This month, brake safety is highlighted. It’s purpose, characteristics, and performance will inform drivers comprehensively on maintaining safe and top-notch service.

Chris Lett, Branigans Tyres owner and trusted Australian tyre recycler, informs motorists about Brake Safety Awareness, and urges them to create a brake safety checklist.

“It’s time for people to get serious about their brakes; from preparing for long-road family trips, to getting to work, and everything in between,” says Lett. “The increase in vehicle usage should prompt motorists to check their brakes and the condition of them regularly,” Lett adds.

Brake inspections can be carried out by the owner. However, it is best if the inspection is undertaken by a professional mechanic. This can also include regular brake system care, and overall vehicle maintenance. Making sure that braking system functions are properly operational, enables motorists to have peace of mind.

“Start with checking the vehicle’s brake fluid, and ensure there are not any leaks. If the brake fluid is a dark colour, it might have to be flushed out. Inspect the vehicles braking components, push the brake pedal and feel out the performance of the braking. Initially these inspections should be performed when the brakes are working well,” says Lett. “It is best to be prepared and ensure the safety of all road users,” adds Lett.

On the road, it is imperative to acclimatise to the conditions presented. For example: When on a highway, stop safely and with a decent amount of space between one’s vehicle, and the other vehicle. Brake with alertness on wet and slippery roads, and slow down if needed.

“Brakes should be checked at least once a year,” says Lett. Listen for warning signs such as strange brake responses, noises, and an abnormal feeling when the brake pedal is depressed. Along with brake inspections, it is important to ensure that one’s vehicle tyres are also in good condition, with no punctures, tread wear and other potential tyre concerns. Branigans Tyres specialises in tyre maintenance and solutions to best prepare drivers on the road at extremely affordable prices, and provide professional assistance on one’s tyre performance and improvement.

“A brake checklist should incorporate the performance of the brakes, their condition, and the condition of the brake fluid,” says Lett. “Nothing is more important than one’s life, and Brake Safety Awareness emphasises this. So let’s ensure that all road users are safe and undertake thorough and professional brake checks,” adds Lett.

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Written and syndicated by YDMA News.

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