Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre Wallan Owner Discusses Healthy Meals After Play

Jungle Kids Food For Thought: Preparing The Healthiest Meals For Kids After Play.  

Eating healthily for a child is always important no matter the situation; after play is no exception. When children play they constantly use their muscles and burn a lot of energy. A well-balanced healthy meal is always needed afterwards to restore their energy and feed their growing muscles. “The availability of unhealthy foods like some fast foods or processed foods has made it tough for parents to ensure that their children are eating a healthy diet. If we factor in our hectic schedules, it becomes even harder.” says Kylie-Jane Shannon, owner of Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre.

There are many different and creative ways for parents to ensure that their children are getting the correct nutrition. Adhering to a healthy diet supports children’s development. It helps them to maintain a healthy weight, stabilise their moods, sharpen their minds and could help them to avoid a variety of health issues. “There are specific types of foods that children should eat after being active so their energy and fluids are restored,” says Kylie.

After being active, children should eat some carbohydrates as they contain glycogen. Muscles need glycogen which can become depleted when children are active and therefore it needs to be replaced. Carbohydrates are also absorbed a lot quicker than fats and proteins, making them easier to digest. Some good food ideas that contain carbohydrates include; fruit salads, toasted sandwiches or a fruit smoothie. These foods are a quick and healthy snack after play. Studies have shown that milk is better for muscle recovery than sports drinks and children can pick their favourite flavour. Fruit is a good snack, especially pineapples, any type of berry, and bananas. “This is why it is important at indoor play centres to have proper food choices on the menu for active children.” says Kylie.

After a period of being active, children also need to have some protein. This is because protein contains amino acids, which help build muscles. Muscle proteins are broken down when children are active and need to be restored. Some good food ideas for protein include; eggs, yoghurt, chicken, and cheese. Eggs are one of the healthiest sources of protein and can be prepared in many different ways. Yogurt, especially plain Greek yogurt, is high in protein and when eaten with berries or granola, makes a perfect snack. Chicken is high in lean protein and when paired with carbohydrates, makes a great after play meal. Cheese is a good source of protein and also contains healthy fats. Finally, do not forget to keep children hydrated with water, fruit smoothies or milk after active play. Try some of these snack ideas next time your children need a boost after a hectic day of playing.

Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre continues to dedicate its expertise and delight to serving families within the town of Wallan, Victoria.

Check out their full range of services and current featured promotions at junglekids.com.au.Visit their Facebook page to view all their activities and special offerings. Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre is open seven (7) days a week and is open until 5:00pm on weekdays during the school holidays.

As part of their Play-all-day Single Admission, adults and babies attend free of charge. 12 months to 3 years old attend at $8.50 and 4 years old to 12 years old attend at $10.00.

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