Australian Builder Talks Making Extra Income With Short-Term Accommodation

Airbnb, Bed and Breakfast (bnb), or short-term accommodation options as additional income

Airbnb, bnb, or short term accommodation options, provides a viable and beneficial way of receiving additional revenue, particularly during these tough economic times. They also provide the traveller with hotel-calibre services at an affordable price. Brian Best, builder and owner of IdeasWood, discusses short-term accommodation options such as pre-made multipurpose spaces or versatile camping pods.

“IdeasWood can provide versatile, convenient and comfortable accommodation options that provide the traveller with the necessities such as bedroom space, lounge area, bathroom and small kitchen area,” say Best. “Furthermore, this style of accommodation can be ‘lock up and go’ spaces to enable tourists the opportunity to explore and travel without worrying about the security of their possessions,” adds Best.

A great option to consider is IdeasWood’s unique Bed and Breakfast package offer. “This special consists of easy-to-maintain, self-contained camping pods, complete with large glass doors to enable visitors the opportunity to take advantage of any picturesque views of their holiday destination,” says Best. For an even better experience for the traveller, why not include one of IdeasWood’s saunas or hot tubs for those cool mornings? The ultimate benefit of providing travellers with an incredible accommodation experience and promoting tourist satisfaction, is the generation of extra income.

Specifically, IdeasWood’s 3×5.9metre camping pods consist of a french-style double glazed door and opening windows, along with a compact bathroom space. Their 2.4×1.9metre sauna pods include pinewood floorboards, double-glazed windows, portable foot rest benches and heat resistant plates for the stove or heater. “These are just some of the many options available to provide a great short-term accommodation experience,” says Best.

Ultimately, short-term accommodation providers strive to make travellers’ accommodation experiences as comfortable as possible, and much of that experience is based on the venue’s services. Thus, the inclusion of simplistic, yet sophisticated and innovative spaces that serve the needs of travellers speaks volumes. IdeasWood’s website contains a range of standard and customised camping pods, essentially meaning that clients can tailor their designs to create unique and versatile spaces for travellers. “The more creative the design, the better the chance of a great return on investment,” says Best.

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Written and syndicated by YDMA News 

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