Developing and connecting to a solid distributor network

Having a well-rounded distributor network is an amazingly rewarding benefit for companies. It does take time and training to equip distributors with the vision of what the organisation aims for in their service to customers.

Expert Australian builder and owner of IdeasWood, Brian Best, discusses pivotal points on developing and connecting to a strong distribution network through his company’s approach that will benefit companies keen on joining his distribution network.

“Each and every IdeasWood licensee must live and breathe our core values, adopting them as their own, without exception. Simplicity, affordability, honesty, creativity and convenience. As the IdeasWood family, we integrate these imperative core values into all our tasks, ensuring happiness and satisfaction for all our families across Australia and New Zealand,” says Best.

A company’s set of core values stand as the foundation of every distributor’s purpose. As stated by Brian, core values are essential. They direct the organisation’s performance and ideals, more importantly though, they also enable a focus on customer experience. “Here at IdeasWood, each core value aims to accommodate our customer’s needs and comfort, and this should be considered by companies in general, to be accommodating to customers and their choices, it strengthens their relationship with the company,” says Best.

In terms of the benefits and advantages, at IdeasWood, distributors do not need to attend specific support programmes. Distributor training can be simple and minimal as long as the key points of the company’s goals, expectations, and relationship with distributors stand as the focal aspects.

Ultimately, IdeasWood provides distributors with distributors’ choice, recognition and responsibility. Distributors’ Choice – distributors and licensees can choose if they would like to take part in IdeasWood’s niche marketing system to generate ongoing business. Distributors’ Recognition – IdeasWood’s construction marketers will maintain and uphold the uniqueness and personality of each independent construction business. Distributors’ Responsibility – IdeasWood uses a plethora of pathways to communicate, market, educate and ultimately service all offerings to clients. These are provided to IdeasWood distributors and licensees alike, as part of their License Arrangement to practice.

These offerings are the standard requirements for companies interested in developing their business. “It is imperative that communication channels are open and ready for both the organisation and the distributors throughout the process,” says Best. “In addition, ensuring that distributors have all the resources necessary for their services is of utmost importance, and should be discussed thoroughly during training and ongoing briefings,” Best adds.

As stated by Best on his company’s website, “IdeasWood offers its independent construction licensees/distributors something unique during our current and highly competitive commercial environment.”

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Written and syndicated by YDMA News 

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