Lack of rental accommodation and building a granny flat for extra space for older or younger family members

With the scarcity of Australia’s rental accommodation, the cost of renting a house, as of April 2022, has soared to 21.2% in capital cities, according to The Guardian. Thus, the national rental crisis continues to burn holes in the pockets of consumers.

On the plus side, a worthy alternative is a granny flat. Granny flats are ideal for both older, and younger individuals. With a range of both family and financially specific benefits, a cosy, spacious and convenient granny flat has great advantages.Young adults who want to move out of their parents’ home can utilise granny flats as a cost-effective alternative to the ever-increasing rental accommodation rates.

Brian Best, owner of IdeasWood and kit shed expert, discusses the benefits of granny flats. “Major benefits include convenience and security.  Older or young family members can still reside within the family property where they can be monitored and cared for, if necessary, yet still retain their independence,” says Best.

Granny flats can provide a quality and conveniently constructed kitchen area, along with one or two versatile bedrooms and a well ventilated bathroom area. Other features include sound-proof and thermally efficient walls for those cold days, as well large windows to bring in the much-needed breeze on hot days.

Tight, grain timber is usually the best construction material, particularly for the walls. It’s entirely natural, sustainably sourced, solid, easy to paint and available in abundance in Australia. “If individuals reside within a fire prone environment, they can apply fire paint as a precautionary measure,” says Best. “If need be, the IdeasWood team can Colorbond clad the exterior of the granny flat. They can also provide a corrosion resistant steel-based roofing with either a matte or metallic finish to enhance the look, as well as meet all roofing requirements,” adds Best.

IdeasWood specialists provide a wide and varied range of granny flat design options that can be customised by clients to meet the needs of occupants. For example,  multi-purpose rooms that can be utilised as a bedroom, study or home gym. IdeasWood specialists are particularly helpful when designing for the older inhabitants and can provide extra handrails as necessary, step-less entries and exits and wider doors and hallways designed for wheel chair accessibility.

Granny flats, in comparison to many modular homes, provide economical and adjustable features for any occupants on a budget. Building approvals are often quicker to obtain, thus saving time, and the delivery of the granny flat usually takes place within weeks, depending on the custom design.

IdeasWood specialises in the construction, financing and licensing of kit home materials and options. Browse through their wide range of standard and bespoke affordable kit home designs and services. IdeasWood specialists are keen to work with you and incorporate any kit home ideas you have in order to design the perfect kit home for you. IdeasWood- Simple living made easy!

Written and syndicated by YDMA News

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