Australian Kit Home Specialist Discusses Accommodation Options For The Elderly

Safe, secure and supportive accommodation for the older generation

When the search begins for the most comfortable and cost-efficient accommodation for seniors to settle into their golden years, the options can be financially daunting. From retirement homes to nursing facilities, these, for many, prove to be too costly and out of reach.

Luckily, there is a range of inexpensive solutions that can provide comfort as well as safety and support. Brian Best, IdeasWood owner and shed kit expert for over three decades, suggests kit homes that are inexpensive, quality-driven and compact enough to be built next to the family’s home, reducing travel time and providing instant attendance to older family members.

“With the advancements in kit home development, both structurally and technologically, a whole new frontier to safe, secure, and supportive accommodation has opened. The range of kit home designs with eye-catching features from log cabins to granny flats and pods, can be modified to meet the client’s living requirements,” says Best. “For example, wider doorways, double french doors, extra handrails, slip resistant floors and rounded counter tops can be installed,” adds Best.

Single level, one or two bedroom log cabins are predominantly built of timber and are a low-carbon and environmentally friendly option to consider. They are easy and quick to build and are both cost and resource efficient. Log cabins can be built on 300mm concrete slabs if there is a concern about termite infestation.  Additionally IdeasWood engages pest control services prior to, and after construction.

Pod homes are compact, yet functional. Standing as a blank canvas, clients can incorporate a multitude of design features. “Bespoke additions can include a wide range of options such as furniture and finishes, large arch-shaped windows, and well insulated walling. Pod homes are great for older individuals looking for an ideal lock up and go kit design,” says Best.

Granny flats, like pod homes, are very versatile and when combined with a pod home design, they can provide clients with a wide range of features. These mini-homes can be extended to a size of 180sqm and accommodate up to three bedrooms, providing that extra space, should the grand kids want to stay over.

As discussed, all kit home options can be modified to ensure the final design meets the client’s living requirements and budget. “The three kit home options suggested above, provide great accommodation as well as safety, support, and solace for those seeking a peaceful home environment, while still being close to loved ones,” says Best.

IdeasWood specialises in the construction, financing and licensing of kit home materials and options. Browse through their wide range of standard and bespoke affordable kit home designs and services. IdeasWood specialists are keen to work with you and incorporate any kit home ideas you have in order to design the perfect kit home for you. IdeasWood- Simple living made easy!

Written and syndicated by YDMA News 

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