Carpet Re-Stretching: How Those Unwanted Carpet Creases Are Fixed  

Anyone who has a carpet in their house will say that it is a timeless flooring option that provides comfort and style. Like anything in life, time is not kind to carpets and it eventually takes its toll. Fortunately there is a way to fix carpet issues without having to replace the whole carpet covering. This process is known as carpet stretching. Carpet stretching is straightforward and it entails pulling the carpet tighter and re-securing it to the tact or anchor strips located along the wall.

Elijah Chique, is the founder of Express Carpet Repairs and a third generation carpet industry expert with many years of experience handed down from his grandfather and his father, highlights the reasons carpets get damaged and how carpet stretching is a good solution for many of these issues.

There are different reasons carpets begin to have wear and tear over time and some go a little deeper than the surface. The weather could affect a carpet. If there is high humidity, this could cause the carpet to begin to lift or cause bubbles. Heavy foot traffic is one of the reasons, even though carpets were meant to be walked on, this can eventually wear down even the toughest carpets. Moving furniture seems like a more obvious reason as it is immediately noticeable when furniture is dragged on a carpet.

This over time begins to pull at the carpet, eventually loosening the edges. When choosing a carpet there is a lot that goes into it besides for beauty purposes. The correct padding is just as important as the correct carpet. If this combination is not correct it can result in the same loosening and tearing as mentioned before. “Finally, incorrect installation. If the carpet is not installed correctly then it could mean that it was not properly stretched and secured in the first place. That is why it is important to get professionals to install or repair carpets.” says Elijah. Wear and tear can take shape in many different forms. If the carpet is bunching up or bubbling up in certain places or if it has started coming up where it meets wood or tiled floors, then it might be time for carpet re-stretching.

“The re-stretching process is straightforward. First the professional carpet fitter will lift the carpet from the tacks, as far back as the bubbles go. They will then begin the stretching process either using a knee kicker or a stretching machine. They will keep doing this until there’s no more creases. After the stretching there’s usually excess carpet, which will then be cut off. Then they will proceed to tuck it in and resecure it all along the edges. The carpet will end up looking much better and have no tripping hazards.” explains Elijah

Like everything in life, it’s important to act fast because the more time that passes the worse the carpet will become and the more difficult and expensive it will become to fix. It could seem tempting to do this alone and not hire a professional but then there is a risk of not being able to do it correctly, leading to even more issues. So assess the carpet now and make a booking for a carpet re-stretching as soon as possible. If this is done soon enough and correctly, then it will most probably not need to be done again.

Express Carpet Repairs are the go-to experts in all-round carpet fixing. Their professional carpet repairers can repair almost any carpet issue from iron burns to meeting up new floors. They offer customers reliable, professional, quality and timely service.

Express Carpet Repairs runs a 24/7 service in Brisbane and Ipswich and surrounding suburbs. Next time you need a carpet repairer, think no further than Express Carpet Repairs.

Written and syndicated by: YDMA News

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