Customise Your Next Pre-Made Space With IdeasWood Australia This 2023

Your New Year project: Customising your ideal space!

With the new year settling in, now is the perfect time to pull out those plans to add that much-wanted, and special new living space, from a conveniently accessible and personalised Home Office or Granny Flat, to an exceptional Backyard Cabin, and everything in between.

Creating a personalised, pre-designed space initially sounds like a lot of work, however with IdeasWood, it’s a seamless and exciting experience that will save you time, money and make 2023, your year of simple living.

Brian Best, Australian Building Expert, and owner of IdeasWood, welcomes new clients. Make 2023 the year to put your customised pre-made home plans into action, and let IdeasWood design and create that special space you’ve always wanted.

“With IdeasWood’s custom-space construction process, we help customers through the entire process, making it easier for them,” says Best. “In addition, we can provide flexibility to the designs, making sure that personal requirements are included,” he adds. “Most importantly, our customers are supported by experts in the field,” says Best.

From that fun-filled weekend camping house, to that compact granny flat with all the perks and personalised specialities, the possibilities are indeed endless with the IdeasWood team. However, it starts with a simple action of preparing that design layout or plan as meticulously as possible beforehand.

We encourage our customers to identify what they want in their new space and discuss these with the IdeasWood team to ensure that the final design incorporates and accommodates everything on the wish list. In the long run this saves time for both the customer and the IdeasWood team and negates the need to go back and forth during the construction phase.

“Size plays a big role in a customised space, as ultimately, customers want their personalised design to be spacious, comfortable and versatile,” says Best. “At IdeasWood, we foresee spatial queries to ensure that we can construct a well-sized environment that meets the need of the customer,” Best adds.

Time is a valuable currency in the construction process for both parties. Many competitors take multiple months to complete a customised pre-made space. However, depending on the  design, IdeasWood can usually reach completion and hand over the keys in an amazingly short time-frame.

“Our holistic assessment and consultation processes are pivotal in the development of both standard and customised projects,” says Best. “At IdeasWood we take pride in our ability to develop a solid communication platform with our customers and help them to design their ideal space,” he adds.

As 2023 gets off to a start, so should the momentum of getting closer and closer to the construction of that dream space. It starts with a call, or an email. So, contact the experienced minds at IdeasWood, and let them get your personalised space created in good time.

IdeasWood specialises in the construction, financing and licensing of kit home options. Browse through their wide range of standard and bespoke affordable kit home designs and services. IdeasWood specialists are keen to work with you and incorporate any kit home ideas you have in order to design the perfect kit home for you. IdeasWood- Simple living made easy!

Written and syndicated by YDMA News 

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