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With the Covid-19 pandemic shifting the landscape of the working environment, many companies have adapted to the new regime of working remotely, even while the pandemic subsides from time to time. Prompted by this, many people have built or renovated to accommodate their work from home needs. For some, however, there have been notable challenges including privacy, noise, and spatial clashes with other family occupants.

IdeasWood owner Brian Best discusses how to make working from home an easy and time-saving experience through the excellent craftsmanship of a personalised home office or craft office that is both separate from the main home, and designed to stimulate one’s work productivity.

According to the Australian Financial Review, “Working from home is here to stay, and employers will need to consider cutting back on redundant office space. As countries continue to relax their rules and curfews, there are still many individuals apprehensive about returning to the office, and preferring to continue working from their homes,” says Best. “This is the particular market group that we can appeal to within Australia and New Zealand,” Best adds.

The expert team at IdeasWood welcomes and accommodates concepts and design layouts for potential home and/or craft offices provided by clients. As an option to consider, IdeasWood has released its latest range of log cabins that can serve the requirements of working from home.

Specifically, IdeasWood has launched its 44mm Linus 6×5 cabin, with double half glass doors that allow in natural light, along with a tough and durable gale roof and a one metre front overhang, providing adequate shade when one needs to step out for a break.

The 28mm Alva 3×4 cabin also has a front overhang which provides an extended amount of shaded space. Approximately 10.3 square metres internally provides a spacious environment for one to incorporate their working needs and resources.

The 44mm Linus 5×5 cabin has great features and is worthy of becoming one’s next craft or home office space. With double doors and a one metre roof overhang that’s sure to provide both convenience, comfort and simplicity, this office-to-be delivers on all requirements and expectations, providing space, privacy and a stimulating environment for productive workflow.

These log cabins, along with many more, are available on the IdeasWood website. Now is the time to put those home office plans into practice, and get those creative juices flowing to ensure that the best craft or home office one envisages, becomes a rewarding reality, preparing for any uncertainty in the working environment’s landscape.

IdeasWood specialises in the construction, financing and licensing of kit home materials and options. Browse through their wide range of standard and bespoke affordable kit home designs and services. IdeasWood specialists are keen to work with you and incorporate any kit home ideas you have in order to design the perfect kit home for you. IdeasWood- Simple living made easy!

Written and syndicated by YDMA News 

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