Esteemed Wallan Victoria Play Centre Owner Highlights The Six Categories Of Play

The six categories of play: Encapsulating the holistic play centre experience

Play has evolved and changed rather gradually for the past four decades. With newfound and extensive play aspects introduced in the play centre industry, children are provided with an all-round play experience that accommodates both their development, and their uniqueness.

Kylie-Jane Shannon, owner of Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre, and proud mother, discusses the six major categories of play that provide the well needed cognitive stimulation and nourishment for children’s play centre experience.

“Children require, and essentially need multiple types of play to best facilitate and support meaningful and constructive learning opportunities as they develop their motor, language, emotional, social and cognitive abilities,” says Kylie. “Play can be subdivided into six main aspects: sensory, physical, dramatic, nature, age-appropriate and music and art play,” adds Kylie. Every aspect of play extensively challenges children’s abilities.

Sensory play: Children develop important sensory abilities that include; sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Each sense is stimulated one way or another during play.  “Play environments should provide a range of play equipment to best help children in the exploration of their five sensory skills,” says Kylie. As an example, “At Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre, the Jeep Rider and Enclosed Ball Pit Area provide children with visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile learning opportunities to explore their senses.

Physical play: Strengthening young people’s bodies as well as developing gross motor skills are central to this type of play. Physical play promotes muscle development, hand-eye coordination, balance and fine motor skills. “At Jungle Kids, Play Centre, areas such as the Triple Story Playground stimulate the necessary elements of physical development for children,” says Kylie. Children have the opportunity to climb, crawl, swing, hang, roll and jump, all skills to promote excellent physical health.

Dramatic play: At Jungle Kids, it’s lights, camera and action! Children are introduced to a variety of activities that inspire children to enact stories, create unique narratives and cultivate a supportive play environment that develops their emotional, communicative and creative abilities. “Dramatic play is also known as pretend or imaginary play, and is a critical element for children’s daily educational program,” says Kylie.

Nature play: Children benefit well and are highly responsive to daily connections with nature. “Be it log balancing, or watching flying butterflies, nature play is ultimately identified as child-initiated and child-directed,” says Kylie. Play centres should include nature-based activities within play environments for children to both experience the natural world, as well as learn and develop their understanding of animals and plants and their responsibility to care for them.

Age-appropriate play: This type of play focuses on the core aspects of developmental ages and general guidelines for safe, stimulating and appropriate play areas and equipment. Both indoor, as well as outdoor play centres should provide age-appropriate play opportunities for children. “For example, a one-year-old child cannot be expected to climb monkey bars intended for an eight-year-old. Play equipment must be age-appropriate, allowing fun for all ages, as well as a versatile learning environment,” says Kylie. Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre provides the necessary elements of age-appropriate play through their top of the line materials, equipment and activities for children from infants, to school-age children.

Music and art play. “Children can learn, as well as explore their creativity in the world through music and art play,” says Kylie. Music and art play enhances children’s innovation, vocabulary, memory, creative expression and brain power. Art and music can ignite passion in children and support them to develop their creative attributes and make sense of the world around them.

Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre has dedicated its expertise and delight to serving families within the town of Wallan, Victoria.

Check out their full range of services and current featured promotions at Visit their Facebook page to view all their activities and special offerings. Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre is open seven (7) days a week and is open until 5.00pm on weekdays during the school holidays.

As part of their Play-all-day Single Admission, adults and babies attend free of charge. 12 months to 3 years old attend at $8.50 and 4 years old to 12 years old attend at $10.00.

Jungle Kids Indoor Play Centre is situated at 2B Commercial Drive Wallan, Victoria and can be contacted on: (03) 5783 4104.

Written and syndicated by YDMA News.

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