Australian Builder Reveals His Great Pre-Made Home Materials

Tight Grain Timber & Kiln Dried Wood: The great kit home materials you should know about

Having good materials for one’s dream space is one thing. Having quality material that’s environmentally friendly, durable and reliable is even better. Tight Grain Timber and Kiln Dried Wood are excellent examples of these.

Australian building expert and owner of IdeasWood, Brian Best, discusses the finest materials, like Tight Grain Timber and Kiln Dried Wood, for homeowners to use for kit homes.

When referring to Tight Grain Timber, it is important to explain what wood grain is. Wood grain is the arrangement of a wood’s fibres, resulting from the growth of a tree. When a tree is cut, fibres reveal a visual pattern of relatively darker and lighter wood, commonly known as the grain or, more precisely, the ‘figure’. Wood grain also affects the texture of a piece of sawn timber.

Appearances of sawn wood pieces are affected by the size, arrangement and type of these fibres. Different ways of sawing can reveal different grain patterns, with the most common method known as quarter sawing, when a log is cut into even boards that form parallel plains.

Due to the way in which wood grows, each piece of timber has its own unique grain pattern. There are no identical pieces. With over 60,000 types of tree in the world, there are a phenomenal range of different figures, grains and textures.

“In particular, ‘Tight Grain’ is also referred to as smooth grain or fine grain by wood specialists. Tight is the ideal selection, not only because of its aesthetic properties, but tight grain timber has durability and strength, along with working abilities and benefits to create any design imaginable,” says Best.

In terms of ‘Kiln Dried Wood’, the kiln process focuses on the drying of the wood, done in a chamber, in which air circulation, temperature and humidity are controlled so moisture content of the wood can be reduced to a particular point without drying defects. Kiln drying prevents the wood from warping and cracking over time as well.

The benefits of kiln dried wood are great in building wooden furniture as kiln dried wood does not crack and dry out. Kiln dried wood prevents mould and mildew as mould or mildew spores are killed by high temperatures during the heating process. Kiln dried wood is also resistant to pests and insects due to the high temperatures in its preparation as well.

Kiln dried wood can save homeowners money as well. If kiln dried wood is used in the first instance, repairs are less likely because of the quality of the wood.The wood’s lifespan may be extended, however it is important to know that the natural colours of the wood may become affected, so speak to the IdeasWood team for solutions on ways to retain colour on the wood,” says Best.”If painting kiln dried wood, it is important to clean the area with soap and water to “remove any dirt, power wash, then dry the wood completely. Once the wood is completely dry, apply some primer on the areas. Once the primer has cured, apply two coats of latex paint,” adds Best.

There are multiple materials of great quality that can be utilised for building. One cannot forget solid materials like the Nordic Spruce Timber, which has a fine and even texture, a European softwood that can be used for cladding, window frames and general carpentry. Contact IdeasWood on their website for more information on ideal building materials for your next project.

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