All you need to know about tyres this holiday season

Tyres are responsible for the safety of motorists on the road, and make driving enjoyable. Australian tyre recycler and founder of Branigans Tyres, Chris Lett, explains the importance of the various types of tyres and the importance of maintaining them.

“A vehicle’s tyres are required to provide adequate traction and sufficient braking force to support the weight of the car,” says Lett, “and need to absorb road shocks and provide directional steering support”.

The tyre tread is important for the grip and traction of the vehicle. The tread pattern of the tyre is also important to consider as different treads are suited for different environments and reasons. Symmetric treads are also known as radials, that have the same pattern on their contact surface. They have lower rolling resistance and are more efficient.

Asymmetric tread have tread patterns on both the inside and outside of the tyre are different. “These features help dissipate water and provide a better cornering grip,” says Lett. Un-directional tread are tyres feature a V-shaped tread pattern which helps provide a better wet grip. They are also quieter while running.

Common problems to look out for when assessing the vehicles tyres: are worn out tyres. “Having worn or damaged tyres can increase the chances of getting into an accident,” says Lett. Aside from having a good grip, these factors also affect the safety of the vehicle.

If your tyres are damaged or worn after a collision with a curb or a pothole, it’s better to replace them now than to risk damaging them while driving.

It is important to “inspect the edges of the tyres for signs of tyre wear, the tyres may be under-inflated,” says Lett, “if the vehicles wheels are worn on one side of the road, this could imply that they need to be realigned”.

Having the proper tyre pressure is important for both safety and fuel efficiency. “It’s also important to check the tyres every few months to avoid a potential blowout,” says Lett. Having the tyre tread checked once a month is a must if it’s going to be worn unevenly. It can also help identify if the rubber is too worn to ignore.

When the pressure in the tyres is not ideal, there could be a leak or a puncture. Having a proper repair may help avoid these issues. If motorists notice that patches of unevenness or bald spots appear on the tyres, it is important that motorists have the shock absorbers and wheel balance checked.

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Tyre wear is effected by three things: tyre classification, tread pattern and the application in which the tyre is used.

There are various ways tyres are constructed. While most cars now have tubeless tyres, some still have tube tyres. These are more durable and are usually less prone to puncture. “If motorists are in need of a new set of tyres, then tubeless is the way to go,” says Lett.

The Different compound mixes of rubber, silica, and carbon black can also help to improve the tyre’s longevity and performance. The weather also plays an important role in the condition of the tyres. Winter tyres are more durable and can stay in place in cold weather. “They feature a tread pattern that is designed to help keep the tyre supple,” says Lett.

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“An assessment of the vehicle’s condition before motorists go on holiday helps ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and ready for its next journey,” says Lett.

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